Nine Minutes

Nine Minutes (Nine Minutes, #1)Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

Publication Date: July 19, 2014


One day and one decision changed Ginny Lemon’s life forever. On May 15, 1975, the fifteen-year-old was abducted from a convenience store in Fort Lauderdale, FL by a motorcycle gang member. From that day on, Ginny’s life depends on the goodwill of Satan’s Army leader, Grizz.

Grizz may be the frightening gang leader, but he has a soft spot for Ginny. She’s his obsession and he’s dedicated to keeping her as safe and happy as a captive can be.

Ginny is forced to trust in Grizz and try to adjust to life in the motorcycle gang. As time goes by, Ginny wonders if she will ever be able to get out alive or if she’ll be a prisoner forever.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Oh. My. Goodness. My mind is blown. BLOWN! I am honestly struggling with what to even write about Nine Minutes.

Nine Minutes was amazing. I loved it…but I hated it! The entire premise was so messed up. Everything that happened in this book was so disturbing! But the writing was so good. The surprises I didn’t see coming were amazing. The cliffhanger was awesome. I must have reread the last few chapters two or three times just to wrap my head around it.

So while I hated everything that was happening to poor Ginny, I couldn’t help but love this book. It’s going on my list of best books I’ve read so far in 2015. I highly suggest to READ. IT. NOW. Seriously. I would warn, however; Nine Minutes is filled with violence, sexual situations, and anything else you could think of happening in a motorcycle gang story. Think of a Sons of Anarchy type story.

If you’re interested in reading it, as of now Nine Minutes is $1.99 on Kindle and the second book in the series is releasing this Thursday, July 23, 2015!

Other books in this series:
Out of Time (Nine Minutes, #2)

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is Ten Books That Celebrate Diversity/Diverse Characters (example: features minority/religious minority, socioeconomic diversity, disabled MC,  neurotypical character, LGBTQ, etc.). Below (in no particular order) is my list of books celebrating diversity or diverse characters.

1. The Year We Fell Down
by Sarina Bowen

Corey Callahan is beginning her freshman year of college in a wheel chair. It’s not how she planned it. Corey was supposed to be on the varsity hockey team. Now, she’s learning how to navigate the Harkens campus in her wheel chair. Luckily, she has her hot and injured neighbor, Adam Hartley, to help her. Too bad he already has a girlfriend.

The Year We Fell Down (The Ivy Years, #1)

2. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

Will Grayson is not the only Will Grayson–or so he discovers one night in Chicago. After meeting, their lives begin to overlap in ways they never thought possible. It all leads up to a hugely fabulous high school musical.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

 Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica Park

High school senior Celeste Watkins is different than her classmates. She’s smarter than them. She talks differently than them. She’s also horrible at letting people in and making friends. Then, she meets quirky college student Justin Milano. He’s exactly what Celeste needs to break out of her shell.

Flat-Out Celeste (Flat-Out Love, #2)

4. Home is Where You Are
by Tessa Marie

Anna’s a privileged high school student. Dean’s a homeless kid. Neither of them expected to fall in love. Can Anna’s love help Dean survive his tough life?

Home is Where You Are

5. Lola and the Boy Next Door 
by Stephanie Perkins

Funky designer wannabe Lola Nolan has the perfect life. Hot rocker boyfriend? Check. Cool gay dads? Check. Awesome best friend? Check. Then the boy she crushed on years ago moves back in next door and throws everything all out of whack.

Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2)

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

Bree Prescott is running from the horrors of her past. She’s hoping the lakeside town of Pelion will help her heal. What she finds in Pelion, is Archer Hale. She can’t help be drawn to Archer — and his silent demons. Can they help heal each other?

Archer's Voice

7. Eleanor & Park
by Rainbow Rowell

She’s a weird red head. He’s half-Korean. They couldn’t stand out more in their Midwestern town if they tried.

Eleanor & Park

8. OC Me 
by Kristin Albright

After Amy’s aunt is in a tragic accident, Amy becomes obsessed with irrational fears. She tries to hide them from her friends and family. This becomes even harder when she falls for James. When Amy finds out she has OCD, she must learn to admit the truth to herself and those closest to her.


9. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

College student Sydney has an amazing life–then everything comes crashing down when she learns her boyfriend is cheating on her. Having no one else to turn to, she befriends her neighbor, Ridge. Ridge is cute and talented. Sidney loves listening to him play music on his balcony. Ridge’s just as captivated with Sidney as she is with him. There’s something about her that he can’t shake.

Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)

10. Dinner with Buddha
by Ronald Merullo

Otto Ringling goes on a road trip with his Mongolian monk brother-in-law, Rinpoche. Otto hopes to find a new meaning for his life, while Rinpoche searches for the next place to serve.

Dinner with Buddha

What are books you have read that celebrate diversity or diverse characters? Leave them in the comments below.

ARC Review: Him

HimHim by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Publication Date: July 28, 2015

Publisher: Rennie Road Books


Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley were best friends. They may have only seen each other every summer at hockey camp, but their friendship lasted for years–until their very last night at camp when Wes made the biggest mistake of his life by manipulating his best friend. Wes has no one to thank but himself for ruining their friendship.

Jamie never understood what happened with Wes. One day they were best friends, the next Wes was just…gone. Well, things might have gotten a little weird that last night at camp, but it was no big deal.

Four years later, Wes and Jamie run into each other at the college hockey national championship. Wes wants to apologize. Jamie wants answers. Neither really gets what they want.


Weeks later, Jamie is shocked when Wes shows up to help coach at their old summer camp. This time, Wes is going to be completely honest with Jamie. Wes’ big reveal is going to cause Jamie to re-evaluate everything he thought he knew about himself.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As you can probably tell from my reviews of The Deal and The Mistake, I love Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series. Prior to beginning A Novel Glimpse, I read and loved the first two books in Sarina Bowen’s Ivy Years series. So, when I was presented with the chance to read an ARC of their first collaboration together, Him, I was super excited.

I knew going in this was a M/M romance. It’s the first one I’ve ever read. I was curious to see how it was going to go and if I would like it. I knew two men falling for each other wasn’t going to bother me…I just wasn’t so sure about that other “stuff.”

I loved Wes. There was just something about him. I can see why people (and Jamie) were drawn to him. I have to admit, though; I was worried about him the entire book. His feelings were so strong and I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out for him in the end.

I loved Jamie, too. His outlook and openness were amazing. His family was amazing. There were a few times he had me worrying about what his actions were going to do to Wes’, but I felt like his story was a really important one to tell.

Jamie and Wes together? Their friendly banter with each other was funny. It was pretty adorable to see two extremely masculine hockey players falling for each other. As for that other “stuffI didn’t find it to be a big deal. Most of it wasn’t anything I hadn’t read in M/F romances.

Overall, I really liked the story. It was a cute best friends turned lovers romance. I think it’s great that two amazing writers are writing stories that anyone could identify with.

Thank you to Nina Bocci and Sarina Bowen for the opportunity to read and honestly review an ARC of Him.


PrudePrude by Hilaria Alexander

Publication Date: January 13, 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Prudence Clearwater is a best-selling young adult author. She writes “clean” novels. Prudence has never wanted to change her writing style by adding more to her novels, but times are changing and now her publishing company is urging her to do just that. Instead, Prudence cuts ties with them. Luckily, she has Ben in her corner. Ben’s an old college aquaintance and book agent.

As Prudence begins working on her new novel with Ben, they start to develop a flirty friendship. Prudence wants to keep things professional, but she’s no sure how long she can fight their chemistry.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Prude is a cute romance with several hot, steamy scenes. I liked novelist-agent aspect of the story. It also had a great twist. But there were a couple things about this book that bothered me.

First, I had a hard time connecting with the main character, Prudence. She was just so negative at the beginning and, honestly, kind of a prude. Not that being a prude is a bad thing, but she kept saying how she hated being called a prude and wasn’t one. Then, she would say something or act prudish. I do think Prudence developed into a better character as the story went on. Her relationship with Ben really helped.

Second, and most importantly, the dialogue between all of the characters drove me nuts at times. The dialogue was very formal. There weren’t very many contractions while the characters were speaking. They didn’t sound like anyone between the ages of 20-40 that I know. It really bothered me at first. By the end, I could kind of ignore it.

It’s funny; I was going to list another thing that bothered me. It was about Prudence’s new story and how it sounded exactly like something Colleen Hoover had previously done. But when I read Hilaria Alexander’s Acknowledgements and her thank you to Colleen Hoover, I decided it as probably her way of tipping her hat to Ms. Hoover’s amazing ideas.

Overall, I thought Prude was a good love story. I’ve seen a lot of 4 or 5 star reviews out there, so maybe it’s one that other readers enjoyed more than I did. I probably would have rated it higher had the dialogue not bogged it down so much.

Thank you to Hilaria Alexander for the opportunity to read and honestly review Prude.

Kiss Me

Kiss Me (Fool's Gold, #17) Kiss Me (Fool’s Gold #17) by Susan Mallery

Publication Date: June 30, 2015

Publisher: HQN Books


Phoebe Kitzke is a fixer. She fixes things for people. Clients, friends, boyfriends. They’ve all benefited from Phoebe’s kindness.

Phoebe’s latest gift of kindness is costing her big. Not only is she suspended from her real estate job, but she’s in jeopardy of losing it all together. So, Phoebe’s come to the decision that she’s not going to be a doormat anymore. No more favors. Well, except for one last one. She’s going to join her best friend, Maya, at her family ranch in Fool’s Gold. She’s been promised there will be plenty of hunky scenery.

Zane Nicholson is not happy that he’s stuck leading a cattle drive for some tourists, but he’s determined to teach his half-brother a lesson. The last thing stubborn Zane expects to happen on the cattle drive is to fall for sweet Phoebe. He knows he should fight his longings for her, but it’s pretty hard when just seeing her makes his day brighter.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Fool’s Gold novels are always fun to read. You can read them in order or as standalone novels. There are some overlapping characters in each book, but not enough to bother you if you haven’t read one of the previous novels. I actually started the series in the middle and then caught up with the beginning books later. There are so many and they have been written for years, so it’s easy to get them from the library. My library even had the majority of them in a digital format.

So, having read all of the previous seventeen Fool’s Gold novels and all its novellas, I was a little nervous about reading Kiss Me. It pains me to admit it, but Hold Me (Fool’s Gold #16) wasn’t one of my favorite Fool’s Gold novels. It just didn’t have enough of a love story for me. The background stories of the characters were amazing; I just wanted more of the love birds together. I was worried maybe the series was going to start to fizzle for me.

I was happy to find that was not the case. Kiss Me was a fun cowboy romance. I say cowboy because the majority of it is set on the cattle drive in Fool’s Gold. Phoebe was a hoot. I loved her relationship with the animals. She was a little too sweet for me at times, but grumpy Zane definitely rounded her out. The sexual tension between them was hot.

I also enjoyed all of the supporting characters’ stories. They were unique and added a lot to the entire cattle drive experience. I do wish there would have been more of the town of Fool’s Gold in it. It always makes for cool and interesting storylines.

I’m very happy Kiss Me brought back my love for the Fool’s Gold series. It’s a series I’d highly recommend to contemporary romance readers that like a series with an interesting setting and characters.

Other books and novellas in this series (in order):

Chasing Perfect (Fool's Gold, #1) Almost Perfect (Fool's Gold, #2) Sister of the Bride (Fool's Gold, #2.5)  Finding Perfect (Fool's Gold, #3)  Only Mine (Fool's Gold #4)  Only Yours (Fool's Gold, #5)  Only His (Fool's Gold, #6)  Only Us (Fool's Gold, #6.1) Almost Summer: A Fool's Gold Novella (Fool's Gold, #6.2)   Summer Days (Fool's Gold, #7)  Summer Nights (Fool's Gold, #8)  All Summer Long (Fool's Gold, #9)  A Fool's Gold Christmas (Fool's Gold, #9.5)  Halfway There (Fool's Gold, #9.75)  Just One Kiss (Fool's Gold, #10)  Two of a Kind (Fool's Gold, #11)  Three Little Words (Fool's Gold, #12)  Christmas on 4th Street: Yours for Christmas  When We Met (Fool's Gold, #13)  Before We Kiss (Fool's Gold, #14)  Until We Touch (Fool's Gold, #15)  Yours for Christmas (Fool's Gold, #15.5)  Hold Me (Fool's Gold, #16)

Under the Influence

Under the InfluenceUnder the Influence by L.B. Simmons

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace


Spencer Locke has been in love with Dalton Greer since she was twelve. She’s been saving herself for him, but at almost eighteen, she’s starting to give up hope. Dalton has loved Spencer just as long, but he doesn’t want to drag her down into his complicated life. His willpower is put to the test when Spencer says yes to a date with another guy. When Spencer finally gets the reaction from Dalton she wants, things couldn’t be better.

Until they’re not. When Dalton breaks her heart, Spencer is left confused and angry. She has no choice but to move on.
Dalton’s doing what he has to do to be a better person–even if it means leaving the one person he loves behind for a while. He just hopes Spencer will still love him when he returns to her life.

My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Dalton and Spencer’s immediate connection as young adults. Their histories were very interesting. I liked the connection they had with each other. The relationships they had with their best friends also added a nice touch to the story.

The plot was very original. I definitely wasn’t expecting a romantic suspense story from reading the back of the book. I was surprised at how intense the story was.

What I didn’t really care for was the pace and set up of Under the Influence. I felt like rather than break it into five years, it would have been smoother if it all happened in one year or if the book was more evenly distributed between before and after. 73% of the book was before and 27% was after. There was a huge set up for a small amount of conclusion. I didn’t mind that the storyline was intense, but the slower pace of the story kept the tenseness of the story dragging on. It kind of stressed me out. I also thought Spencer forgave Dalton too easily. I don’t care how much you love someone, five years of being angry isn’t going to evaporate in one evening.

Those things aside, I did think the story was good. I would suggest Under the Influence to New Adult readers that like romantic suspense novels.

Before the Blog #1: Dear Daughter

Before the Blog is a weekly blog meme hosted by Karis Jacobstein over @ YA Litwit. It’s an opportunity to showcase books a blogger read and loved prior to starting their blog .  I love this idea because there are so many amazing books I haven’t reviewed on A Novel Glimpse because I read them a long time ago. The only rules to this meme are to answer the following questions about the book chosen to review:

  • Why did you choose this book? 
  • When did you read this book? 
  • Who would you recommend this book to? 

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little

Publication Date: July 31, 2014

Publisher: Viking


After spending ten years in prison for the murder of her mother, socialite Janie Jenkins is being released on a technicality. Janie is going to use her new found freedom to figure out what exactly happened the night of her mother’s death. Janie has no memory of that night. Did she really kill her mother?

While Janie’s looking for the truth, she’s also trying to hide from the media. Everyone is convinced she got away with murder and they’re waiting for her to make a mistake.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why did you choose this book? 

I’ve been seeing a lot of press lately for The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It’s been hailed as the next Gone Girl. I liked it, but if you asked me, Dear Daughter was the next Gone Girl.  Dear Daughter was a fast paced, addictive thriller. I couldn’t put it down. Janie was snarky and fun to read (think Paris Hilton with a smart and sassy tongue). The twists and turns kept me guessing and wanting to know more. I absolutely loved it. I don’t think nearly enough people have heard of or read it.

When did you read this book?

I just happened to win a copy of Dear Daughter from Goodreads and Viking Books at the end July of 2014. I read it in two days. It was right after I finished reading Gone Girl. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Who would you recommend this book to? 

It’s definitely a thriller for those that loved Gone Girl, In the Woods, The Weight of Blood, and Girl on the Train.

I Want You to Want Me

I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance, #2) I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance #2) by Erika Kelly

Publication Date: July 7, 2015

Publisher: Berkley


Bassist Derek Valencia and his bandmates have finally hit it big. Not only has their record been selling like hotcakes, they’ve been playing amazing shows in amazing places. Touring is starting to take its toll on the band, though. Not only are they exhausted from all the late night partying, but the media is looking for any sensational slip up they can find. All it takes is one picture of Derek with a bunch of naked groupies to mess things up. Next thing he knows, he’s been assigned a baby-sitter he doesn’t want for the remainder of the tour.

It’s Violet Davies’ job to ‘mind’ people. She’s built a successful business helping the rich sober up and get their lives back together. Her one policy is no musicians. It’s a policy she’s willing to break when a friend calls begging for help with the band. Violet can’t say no to the money; it’s enough to pay off the mortgage on her farm. Three months and it will all be hers.

What Derek and Violet don’t expect is to fall for each other. They come from such different worlds and are headed in opposite directions. While Violet strives to keep things professional, Derek is doing everything he can to get her to give them a chance.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Last January, I was really lucky and won You Really Got Me (Rock Star Romance #1) from a Goodreads Giveaway. It was my first romance by Erika Kelly and I thought it was such a cute read. The characters were really cool and fun. I was looking forward to seeing which guy was going to fall in love next.

I Want You to Want Me was just as adorable as the first book. Derek and Violet had great chemistry. Violet was both strong and vulnerable. The way she handled the guys was fun to read. Derek definitely had the swoon factor–he is a rock star after all. But I liked how the author also showed us his insecurities.

It was also interesting to see how the band responded to their new found fame and the obstacles they had to tackle due to it. It wasn’t necessarily a unique storyline, but it felt true to what could happen in real life. (I’m not a rock star, so I’m just guessing!)

I Want You to Want Me can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. There are references to a couple from the first book, but nothing that would make things confusing. I would highly suggest it to readers that love a good rock star romance or contemporary romance readers in general.

Other books in this series:

You Really Got Me (Rock Star Romance, #1)

Top Ten Tuesday: The Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession (bought, library, review copies)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s feature is The Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession (bought, library, review copies). This fun list might give you a hint at some of my upcoming reviews.

1. Kiss Me by Susan Mallery

Kiss Me (Fool's Gold, #17)

2. Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

Second Chance Summer (Cedar Ridge, #1)

3. I Want You to Want Me by Erika Kelly

I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance, #2)

4. The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly

The Mistake I Made

5. Ugly Cry: An Anthology by AE Woodward, Brenda Rothert, Erika Ashby, JM LaRocca, Kathryn Perez, M.E. Carter, Missy Johnson, Stacey Grice, Murphy Rae

Ugly Cry: An Anthology

6. All of It by Kim Holden

All of It

7. Run You Down by Julia Dahl

Run You Down

8. A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson

A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars, #1)

9. Remember When by T. Torrest

Remember When (Remember Trilogy, #1)

10. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why

 What’s the last book that came into your possession? Feel free to leave the name and author in the comment section!

Second Chance Summer

Second Chance Summer (Cedar Ridge, #1) Second Chance Summer (Cedar Ridge #1) by Jill Shalvis

Publication Date: June 30, 2015

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


When Lily Danville left Cedar Ridge 10 years ago, she never thought she would return. Cedar Ridge holds too many bad memories. But now Lily’s lost her job and the only place willing to hire her is a salon in her hometown. So she’s back and doing everything she can to avoid running into her teenage crush, Aidan Kincaid.

Aidan Kincaid’s one regret is letting Lily Danville go without a fight. Now, she’s back in town and he’s going to do anything he can to convince her to give him a second chance.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I was excited when I heard that Jill Shalvis was coming out with a new contemporary romance series. I really enjoyed reading her Lucky Harbor, Animal Magnetism and The Wilder series. She’s one of my go-to contemporary romance authors. I’m pretty much guaranteed to enjoy one of her books.

Second Chance Summer was no different. The Colorado mountain setting was beautiful and the possibilities for it in future novels are endless. I enjoyed Lily’s storyline and how more and more about what she went through was revealed as the story progressed. Her relationship with Aidan was funny and adorable.

My favorite part of Second Chance Summer, though, was Aidan Kincaid. Jill Shalvis creates the best male characters. They’re always equal parts strong, compassionate and badass. I love how they don’t become wimps when they fall in love. I also loved Aiden’s entire family. Their interactions with each other were hilarious. They also all had cool backstories that I can’t wait to read about in future novels.

If you’re looking for a fun summer contemporary romance read, you can’t go wrong with Second Chance Summer.