Review: The Lie (Karla Sorensen)

The Lie
Author: Karla Sorensen

Publication Date: September 15, 2021
Publisher: Dutch Girl Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Sports Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Rule number 1 for the team owner’s daughter? Don’t date the players.

Especially not hotheaded tight ends with tattoos and impulse control problems.

That’s why Dominic Walker is completely off my radar. Sort of.

Babysitting the team troublemaker when he’s forced to volunteer for the foundation where I work means I can’t exactly avoid him.

I wish I had though. Because once I get to know Dominic, it’s almost impossible to ignore the feelings he brings out in me.

Pretty soon, I’m breaking all my rules. I just have to hope he doesn’t break my heart in the process. 

When I first started The Lie I thought, “Oh, no.” because I was not impressed with Dominic. He was a professional football player with a big chip on his shoulder. Getting to know him made the reasons for his attitude understandable, but still didn’t make him more likable. It wasn’t until he started pursuing Faith that he redeemed himself. Even then I was torn by his lie of omission. It should have been easy for him to come clean with Faith, but I got why he didn’t. Who wouldn’t want to someone to love them for who they were all the time? That being said, the hole Dominic dug for himself was deep.

I instantly loved Faith’s character. I can remember her as an adorable little girl in the Washington Wolves series, so it was fun to see her all grown up. Faith was someone most readers will see a little bit of themselves in. She some I would describe as being an average person lacking a little confidence in certain areas. I enjoyed seeing her relationship with her family and some characters from previous books. Faith had a lot going for her, and her relationship to Dominic added to her life rather than took it over.

Dominic and Faith had one of those relationships that’s magic on the page. There’s the spark, the emotional connection, and the chemistry that make for a great romance. I’m not normally a big fan of lies of omission like Dominic’s, but this romance worked for me. I loved the way the fall out was dealt with. It made their relationship stronger, and I liked knowing they could weather the tough times based on what they had built.

The Lie has me super excited for this series to continue. I cannot wait for Faith’s sister Lydia’s book.

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    1. Yes, do! I started with her Washington Wolves series. It’s one that gets better with each book. That’s the one before this.

  1. I also really enjoyed THE LIE—although not quite as much as Sorensen’s FORBIDDEN, which is one of my favorite books of 2021. My only caution is for readers who do not like romances where the MCs of previous books are now getting gray in their hair and laugh lines around their eyes and their children are grown up and having romances of their own, because (as you note) the heroine of THE LIE is the oldest daughter of the couple from Sorensen’s earlier book, THE BOMBSHELL EFFECT. Other than that, I think most readers will enjoy the book.

    1. Haha! Yeah, I get that. But it was fun to see them with grownup children still being the amazing characters they were in their books.

  2. I love that the author has pulled characters from previous books into this series! It makes for a fun read for those who are fans without making it hard for others to jump in. I hope that you enjoy the next instalment! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed The Lie a lot too. The omission did bring the rating a little lower for me, but I loved the characters and the romance! KS is a very talented writer. Can’t wait for Lydia’s book! I don’t think there’s a release date or title yet.

    1. Yes, that lie of omission killed me! I haven’t seen a release date yet. She seems to write fairly fast, so maybe early next year?

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