OMG! That Song Book Tag

When I saw the OMG! That Song Book Tag post Dedra did last week, I knew I had to do it. It combines two of my favorite things: books and music. This tag was originally done by Katesbookdate on Youtube

OMG! That Song Book Tag

My Jam:

A song you have to listen to no matter how many times you’ve heard it before
a book you’ll never get sick of:

Robyn’s Dancing on My Own is a song I’ll sit dance through no matter how many times I hear it. 

Fallen Crest High is a book I don’t think I’ll get tired of no matter how many times I listen to or read it. 


A song that reminds you of the cringiest time in your life
a book you read that you wouldn’t like if you were to read it now:

I think I went through a phase when I was about 20 that I listened to Creed for maybe a month or two. This was a time I would give myself a good shake if I could go back. 

I rated Anna and the French Kiss high when I read it. The more I think about that book, the more messed up I think it was. I think I would hate it if I read it now.


A recent song that you have on repeat
a recent favorite book:

I’m a big Sam Hunt fan, so I was excited to hear new music from him. I’m really loving this collaboration with Sasha Alex Sloan. The vibe is really cool.

Well Matched was so good! It’s my new favorite in the Well Met series.


A song that is literally me
a book that is me in book form:

Blinding Lights is an odd choice. I wouldn’t say that the lyrics or video is me. What is me is the classic, almost 80’s vibe to the song. I’m a huge fan of the way this song sounds like it could be from almost any era. I would like to think that I’m a little old school, but still with it. HAHA

As for The How and the Why… Literally book me was hard to find. Are there books about women who are happily married with kids? Usually there’s some sort of turmoil and all the turmoil I’ve got right now is this dang pandemic. So I went with this book because I have felt what some of the MC felt regarding being an adoptee. 


A weird song that you liked anyway
a unique book that stuck out to you for some reason:

I Believe in a Thing Called Love sounds like it should be in some weird horror movie or something, but I love it for some reason.

The Lace Reader is probably the first book I read with an unreliable narrator. It made an impression on me and I’ve read it several times since. I always pick up on something new.


Pick your best pump up song
a book that inspires you:

Are you trying to kill me with best pump up song??? There are so many that I would pick for different reasons! I almost chose I Got 5 On It because my friend and I used to listen to that back in the day before we would go out, but I ended up choosing Ol’ Dirty Bastard featuring Kelis with Got Your Money. It’s such a fun song. 

Do Epic. That’s all I got to say about Bright Side. Live every day to the best of your ability. 


Your best relaxing song
a book you’d curl up with on a rainy day:

BIG Ed Sheeran fan here and Thinking Out Loud puts me in a good, calm mood. All of his music does.

The Match because Sarah Adams’s books are light and fluffy, perfect for a rainy day.


A guilty pleasure song
a light, trashy read you can’t help but love:

Anything by Britney Spears will always be my guilty pleasure music. 

Um… trashy? Not my favorite word for a book. I don’t think any book deserves “trashy” as a descriptor. So Tapping the Billionaire is not trashy. It’s light, funny, and on the steamier side. But NOT trashy. 


A throwback song you look back on fondly
a book you read and loved when you were young:

I was obsessed with 80’s music when I was 18 (still am, but that’s when it started). There was a time when I listened to this song on repeat. I’m sure my parents loved it, especially with the song’s meaning. 

Say Goodnight, Gracie is a book I read as a child or teenager. It’s the first book I can remember loving.

And that’s it! That’s the tag. I’m not tagging anyone. Feel free to do this tag if you want. 

19 thoughts on “OMG! That Song Book Tag”

  1. Okay, I’m feeling pretty out of touch because I don’t know about half the songs you shared. I remember the Cyndi Lauper song well, though, and always liked it.

    I’m so excited for Well Matched. I seriously need Mitch’s story.

  2. So you’re a close Brittany fan? Alright. She was after my time, but the kid listened to her when all the wee children were, so I know her songs. I liked Anna, but I feel it’s very overrated. Isla was my favorite in the series. It was so swoony.

  3. Yay!! I’m so happy you decided to do this tag! I loved your answers. Creeeeed! Maybe the perfect cringiest song choice ever. Haha! I forgot about that one. I finally just read Well Met and now I can’t wait to get to the other books in the series. I’m happy to hear how much you enjoyed Well Matched. LOVE Cindi Lauper, too. And all things ’80s. 😉 Great job!

    1. Yes, do! It’s probably the most fun tag I’ve done in a while. I think you would be okay to jump right into Gus and not reread Bright Side if you don’t want to put yourself through that again.

  4. Creed! HA! I am sure that there are some similar artists that I once listened to as well. 😉

    I love this tag and your responses give a real good idea of the mood for each of these books. I can definitely see myself enjoying Well Matched right now!

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