Top Ten Tuesday: Covers I Love of Books I Won’t Read

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is: Titles or Covers That Made Want to Read/Buy the Book. I’m switching it up a bit and going with:

Covers I Love of Books I Won’t Read

I shouldn’t say never because you never know, but I probably won’t read these because they aren’t in genres I normally read. I do love these covers, though!

42 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Covers I Love of Books I Won’t Read”

        1. I totally get that. I can’t really do heavy fantasy. Listening seems to help with the info dumping. I just don’t have a lot of patience for that stuff these days. Give me a fast paced romance.

  1. This is a great twist, and I could come up with so many for this list. I see many SFF books up there, which would probably dominate my entries if I were to make this list for myself. There are fantastic and eye catching SFF covers all over the place. Surprising, I actually read two of these (back when I did fantasy), and they were good.

  2. Fantasy is also not my go-to genre except when it’s an author I already know I love. I have read three of these: And I Darken (which I really enjoyed but never continued the series), A Great and Terrible Beauty (I did finish this series but I think it only got 3 stars from me), and All the Crooked Saints. Maggie is one of my favorite authors but this is not the book to start with of hers. 😉 Great twist on the topic!

    1. Thanks! I’ve almost all of Stiefvater’s other books. I couldn’t do this one. I tried it on both audio and hardback. Just wasn’t for me with the way it was narrated.

  3. Ooh I liked School for Unusual Girls haha! But I do the same- sometimes I really love a cover even if it isn’t a book I’d normally read. 🙂

  4. I’ve read a couple on here but many of these are on my book shelves and I feel like I might have outgrown them! But they are beautiful covers, for sure. I will read Gilded Ones because I just got it in a book sub box a couple months ago! haha

  5. That’s an interesting twist of the topic. I have to think about some for a list I’d do like that.

    My TTT.

  6. Lovely selection! I haven’t been in the mood for fantasy much either lately… I did love And I Darken, and I’ve read The Winner’s Curse, A Thousand Pieces Of You and These Broken Stars (covers more successful than the story xD).

  7. These are some stunning covers! I am pleased to say that I have read and enjoyed some of them. There are a couple on here that I will probably never pick up as well. Great list! 🙂

  8. This is such a fun twist on the theme this week! And realistically, it makes sense. There are a ton of covers out there that look amazing, but I know the chances of me getting around to the book itself—because of genre or whatever—are slim to none. You have some great choices this week!

  9. What a cool twist on the topic! I actually read Wintersong several years ago, even though it was so not in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately it didn’t really work for me, but it does have that gorgeous cover going for it. 🙂

  10. Like how you’ve twisted the topic! It makes me want to do the same prompt at some point 😂 A few of these are on my TBR and a few of these I’ve read and loved but I agree all of them have great covers!

  11. I find myself reading less and less fantasy books these days but I do adore all of these covers, especially The Gilded Ones and These Broken Stars. So pretty.

    1. I rarely read them anymore. If I do, it’s listening to them on audio. I get what you mean!

  12. Nice twist, Deanna. I agree, fantasy books have such gorgeous covers. I read a few here and there for something different, but not too often.

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