Mini Reviews: Hooked, Floored, Love Thy Neighbor, & The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Hi, all. To end the year on the review front, I am giving you mini reviews for four books. The first three are romances and the last is a historical fiction/fantasy read. I know that last one doesn’t really go with the other three, but I just wanted to share its mini review before 2020 was over.

Authors: Karla Sorensen, Whitney Barbetti
Publication Date: August 23, 2017
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½


X and I were probably doomed from the start.

That’s what happens when you meet in court-mandated group therapy and then try to steal from him to pay off your blackmailing drug dealer. Former drug dealer, thank you very much. I’m turning over a new leaf and all that.

Which is why I should leave him alone.

Except he tempts me to do things I swore I’d stop doing. It’s that whole gruff, grumbly, anti-social thing he has going on. Him, flame. Me, moth. Something about him calls to me, makes the blood hum in my body. And I don’t want that feeling to end.

Lucy Connors is straight-up insane.

She looks like a Disney princess and tries my patience in more ways than I thought possible. Besides the fact that I have to save her cute little ass from jail, I can’t quite figure out how to leave her alone. Even when she’s trying her hand at Breaking and Entering. Especially when it’s myhouse she’s burglarizing.

Yeah, we were probably doomed from the start.

But that’s the thing about being hooked on something so good, and so bad for you—you don’t walk away when you should.

Note from the authors:

This book deals with subject matter that is highly improbable, sometimes campy, and definitely illegal. Please don’t use it as a guideline for how to live your life, but enjoy nonetheless.

My thoughts:

Hooked was slightly kooky and pretty unbelievable, but such a good time. Lucy’s an ex-drug dealer and pathological liar. X is a wealthy young man with overwhelming anxiety. They meet at group therapy and everything goes wrong — or right — from that point on. Lucy and X quickly fall in love in the most adorable, insane way. It was all just so much fun!

Series: Wade Sisters, #3
Author: Karla Sorensen
Publication Date: December 9, 2020
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Sports Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½


If you’ve ever had a steamy one-night stand with a British football player and then find yourself pregnant with his baby, you know how Lia Ward feels.

To be fair, Lia didn’t know who Jude McAllister was when they met.

Across the ocean for a semester studying for her master’s program, all she knows is that she’s a little lonely and he’s very charming, even as they have an epically sexy argument about which type of football is superior.

In Jude’s mind, shagging the feisty American girl is exactly what he needs. He’s been fighting the clock of his long-standing football career and the younger players primed to take his position. Proving that he can feel like his old self again—something he’s been trying to do with everyone in his life—should be easier after blowing off steam with Lia.

But oh baby, when a plus sign pops up on Lia’s pregnancy test, that ‘one night’ becomes a whole lot more.

Now Lia and Jude have to navigate their impossible-to-ignore chemistry, and prepare for the parenting game, something neither of them know how to play.

My thoughts:

Lia was probably my least favorite Wade sister before reading Floored. I’m not sure why — probably because I always found her twin Claire to be the nicer of the two. I ended up liking Lia a lot after reading this book. She went through quite the journey. An expected pregnancy with an older, professional soccer player from another country wasn’t in her plans. There were several choices she had to make regarding her relationship with Jude and things from the past they both had to deal with. I liked how it was all handled and I loved their relationship. It was a fun read if you like the trope of unplanned pregnancies from one night stands.

Love Thy Neighbor
Series: Roommate Romps, #2
Author: Teagan Hunter
Publication Date: December 10, 2020
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½


Don’t fall for your roommate…especially when he’s your best friend.

Cooper Bennett is my best friend.
That’s all he is and all he ever will be.
Nothing will change that.

Accidentally seeing him naked? Please. So not a big deal.
Having less-than-tame thoughts? I mean, have you seen this guy? Who could blame me?
Kissing him? It was a one-time mistake, and it will not be repeated.
Falling into bed with him? Uh-oh…

It’s fine. We’re fine.

We’re Caroline and Cooper. Best friends until the end. Nothing has ever come our way that we couldn’t survive together.

Surely, we can handle this too…

My thoughts:

Cooper and Caroline… I loved these two as best friends and also as more. The way Love Thy Neighbor started out was so much fun. The whole build up from a new attraction between best friends to acting on those feelings was so much fun. I loved it up until about 60% and then something happened. I’m not sure if it was my mood or just knowing where the story was headed, but I got a little bored. That’s not normal for me with a Teagan Hunter book, so I’m thinking it might have been something to do with my mood. Overall, it was a cute read.

The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Author: Alix E. Harrow
Narrator: January LeVoy
Publication Date: September 10, 2019
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


In the early 1900s, a young woman embarks on a fantastical journey of self-discovery after finding a mysterious book in this captivating debut.

In a sprawling mansion filled with peculiar treasures, January Scaller is a curiosity herself. As the ward of the wealthy Mr. Locke, she feels little different from the artifacts that decorate the halls: carefully maintained, largely ignored, and utterly out of place.

Then she finds a strange book. A book that carries the scent of other worlds, and tells a tale of secret doors, of love, adventure and danger. Each page turn reveals impossible truths about the world and January discovers a story increasingly entwined with her own.

Lush and richly imagined, a tale of impossible journeys, unforgettable love, and the enduring power of stories awaits in Alix E. Harrow’s spellbinding debut—step inside and discover its magic.

My thoughts:

I’m going to be very honest. I went into this book knowing nothing about it. All I knew was every blogger I know who read this book has RAVED about it. I don’t normally read fantasy, but the hype got me. I got the audiobook from my library and I have no regrets. The Ten Thousand Doors of January is one of my favorite books I read/listened to in 2020. The writing was gorgeous and simply magical. The tale was addictive and so entertaining. It was such a wonderful and impressive novel. I can’t recommend it enough.

16 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Hooked, Floored, Love Thy Neighbor, & The Ten Thousand Doors of January”

  1. I agree that Lia was my least favorite Ward sister, but I did like her a little more by the end of the book. I’ve always been a little curious, too, about The Ten Thousand Doors of January, but I didn’t really think it would be for me. You are making me rethink that, though. Great reviews!

    1. Same.
      You might like The Ten Thousand Doors of January. It’s got a lot of info dumping, though. I wouldn’t have been patient enough to read it.

  2. I am impressed with how much you loved Ten Thousand Doors given that it’s outside your normal genre. I guess the hype monster was right on this one.

    1. I know, right? I do okay with fantasies sometimes as long as they’re on audio. I wouldn’t have had as good of time reading it with all the information that is dumped.

      1. I cannot listen to fantasy. Honestly, other than contemporaries, I get lost. I’m a visual learner, and lose details when I listen (that’s why I don’t review audiobooks)

  3. So glad you enjoyed your final reads of the year Deanna. I love January LeVoy’s narration and even though this book is not my usual read, I will be adding the audiobook to my blog recommendation list.

    1. Yay! I think you will feel the same about it. It’s cool that the MC is January and so is the narrator.

    1. You should try it! I love it and the books that come before it in the Washington Wolves series.

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