Review: You Have a Match (Emma Lord)

You Have a Match
Author: Emma Lord
Publication Date: January 5, 2021
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: ★ ★ ★


From the beloved author of Tweet Cute comes Emma Lord’s You Have a Match, a YA novel of family, friendship, romance and sisterhood…

When Abby signs up for a DNA service, it’s mainly to give her friend and secret love interest, Leo, a nudge. After all, she knows who she is already: Avid photographer. Injury-prone tree climber. Best friend to Leo and Connie…although ever since the B.E.I. (Big Embarrassing Incident) with Leo, things have been awkward on that front.

But she didn’t know she’s a younger sister.

When the DNA service reveals Abby has a secret sister, shimmery-haired Instagram star Savannah Tully, it’s hard to believe they’re from the same planet, never mind the same parents—especially considering Savannah, queen of green smoothies, is only a year and a half older than Abby herself.

The logical course of action? Meet up at summer camp (obviously) and figure out why Abby’s parents gave Savvy up for adoption. But there are complications: Savvy is a rigid rule-follower and total narc. Leo is the camp’s co-chef, putting Abby’s growing feelings for him on blast. And her parents have a secret that threatens to unravel everything.

But part of life is showing up, leaning in, and learning to fit all your awkward pieces together. Because sometimes, the hardest things can also be the best ones.

This was a weird reading experience for me. I think it might have been my mood. When I started this book, I was really into the writing and the story. The whole finding a sister through DNA intrigued me. It kind of lost me after a while, though. Like I said, I’m not sure if I fell out of the mood of wanting this type of story or if I got bored in the middle. It picked up once everything major went down. I liked learning about Abby and Savannah’s parents and their decisions. I wouldn’t have minded hearing even more about everything that went down with in the past. That was probably what I was most interested in. It made the story end on a high note for me. I liked the lessons Abby learned.

21 thoughts on “Review: You Have a Match (Emma Lord)”

  1. That finding a sister is what intrigued me about this book as well. I haven’t read it yet, but I hope I enjoy it. Nice, honest review Deanna.

    1. I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone in that. I saw so many glowing reviews that I thought it might just been me having never read this author before.

  2. Oh, no! Sorry to hear this didn’t work for you. I am about 40% through, and so far, so good. Maybe you weren’t a fan of Lord’s humor? It works well for me.

    1. That could be it. I don’t know. I haven’t been in a YA mood. Only certain books have worked me this year in that genre, like Erin Hahn’s and Ginger Scott’s. I’m thinking maybe it’s because they’re mature YA and almost NA.

  3. I’ve been curious about this one. It’s disappointing to hear it got boring, but I thought this author’s other book was far too long, so it doesn’t really surprise me to hear it. I’ll still probably give this book a try, but I’m going to move it to the back burner. Great review!

    1. Thanks! It’s interesting to hear that her other got boring. Maybe it’s a case of where things are too slow in the middle and she needs to spice things up.

  4. I’m a total mood reader and sometimes, even when I’m excited about a book, if I’m not feeling it at a certain time it just isn’t going to work for me. This still sounds like an interesting story, though.

  5. Sounds interesting, but I am not sure it’s for me. I like family secrets, but having a secret sister would be like a form of betrayal. I’m glad you gave it a shot to see how it was.

    Hope you have a nice holiday.

    1. I don’t know that it was betrayal exactly. The situation was pretty messy.
      You, too! Happy holidays!

    1. Well, I seem to be kind of alone in my opinion, so might have just been my mood. YA hasn’t been working well for me lately.

      1. I’ve been in a weird funk lately so I get what you’re saying. I have two Natasha Madison’s books to rate/review that really did not work for me and I’m thinking that my mood is probably to blame. It’s weird when it’s an author you enjoy and books that most people loved. I didn’t even pick You Have a Match yet, between your review and my weird mood lately I’m scared. 😂

        1. Madison’s are hit or miss for me. More miss than hit lately, so I haven’t read a ton of her new ones yet.

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