Top Ten Tuesday: Celebrity Memoirs Worth Reading

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Non-Bookish Hobbies

Honestly… I wrote this post and decided it was too boring. I basically watch my beloved kid play soccer, PAC12 Women’s Basketball, and TV dance competitions. Sometimes I ride my bicycle, take walks, do puzzles and camp. There you have it. Now for a book related post…

Celebrity Memoirs Worth Reading

1. Open Book
Author: Jessica Simpson

This really did feel like an open look into Jessica Simpson’s life. She didn’t seem to hold back. I’m sure she did in some ways, but I got to know her in ways I didn’t think I would through this memoir.

2. Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll
Authors: Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson

I found this one fascinating being from the PNW and loving some of their music. It was interesting to hear their rise to fame and the lifestyles they led. There’s some cool stuff about the 90’s and grunge involved in parts.

3. Becoming
Author: Michelle Obama

Michelele Obama is a smart woman. She is/was more than just the First Lady. I loved learning about her life, her relationships with her husband, and what Presidential life was like.

4. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
Authors: Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman

This is probably one of my favorite celebrity memoirs ever. If I had to describe it in one word it would be fun. These two were candid, funny, and a good time. I listened to it, which was amazing as they go back and forth. Then, I dropped by the bookstore to look at the pictures in the book because I was curious.

5. Scrappy Little Nobody
Author: Anna Kendrick

I’m a big Pitch Perfect fan and also a fan of Anna Kendrick’s. She tells some fun stories with humor only the way Anna Kendrick can.

6. Yes, My Accent Is Real: and Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You
Author: Kunal Nayyar

The Big Bang Theory will always be one of my favorite sitcoms. I loved hearing stories about Kunal Nayyar’s youth and his rise to stardom. He’s hilarious.

7. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)
Author: Mindy Kaling

A celebrity memoir list would not be complete without Mindy Kaling. This book is like having a chat with your best friend. If you love Mindy Kaling, you will love this book.

8. Inside Out
Author: Demi Moore

Demi Moore speaking her truth sure was interesting and engaging. I don’t know that I 100% believe everything she told me, but it was fun. If only Ashton would release a memoir of his own…

9. Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song
Author: Sara Barielles

Sara Barielles is a singer who caught my attention as a judge on The Sing Off. I wanted to learn more about her, so I listened to this book. I highly recommend listening to this one because each chapter starts out with one of her songs and it’s delightful to listen to her sing and tell you about her life.

Authors: Kristin Hensley, Jen Smedley

Their brand of humor probably isn’t for everyone, but I read this book after laughing so hard at their comedy special. My husband didn’t think it was quite as funny as I did, so I would say it’s for the moms out there.

48 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Celebrity Memoirs Worth Reading”

  1. I know I had to rack my brain to come with ten hobbies as well! I love taking walks, riding bicycle and camping too!
    I have some of these on my tbr for when I start reading memoirs!
    thanks for sharing!
    Here’s my TTT

  2. I almost never read celebrity memoirs, although I did love Becoming. I’m glad you found so many of them that were good reads! Do you read this genre a lot?

    My post.

    1. I mostly read them when there’s one I’m interested in. Usually I like to listen to them, too. I like hearing them tell it in their own voice.

    1. That was such a fun read. I read it because I bought the book for the evening with her. I bet listening to it would have been fantastic. She was great in person and expanded on the stories. I would highly recommend Obama’s book.

  3. I think the celeb book I read was Tina Fey’s, for a reading challenge. I just don’t buy into that culture, though I read a lot of biographies about scientists.

  4. I liked your short list of non-bookish hobbies! My life always feels boring to me, too. That’s probably why I read so much. 🙂

  5. I don’t read a lot of autobiographies. I read and enjoyed Becoming and I’d be interested in reading the Ann and Nancy Wilson book. I love behind the scenes stories about bands and the music industry in general.

    1. Then you would probably like the Heart one. I listened to it and enjoyed the way they told the story. Ann had some great stuff about the 90’s and the whole grunge scene.

    1. That one is one my list. I want to listen to it, so I’m hoping my library will get it on audiobook.

  6. I love celebrity memoirs! Becoming was amazing, and I adore Mindy Kaling. I have Anna Kendrick’s book on my shelf, I need to get reading on that one. Great list!

  7. I tend to avoid any sort of memoir (or really non fiction in general), especially when it comes to celebrities, so I haven’t read any on this list. I wasn’t aware that Anna Kendrick had one though. If I go for a memoir in the near future, that might be one I’d try.

  8. Oh my gosh I love Heart! One of my favorite bands. Seeing them in concert in Detroit was one of my favorite things. 🙂

  9. You have quite a few interesting hobbies, would have made a good list but at least you mentioned them.

    As to your celebreties, I don’t even know half of them, I’ve read Michelle Obama’s memoir (of course!), know Demi Moore and heard of Jessica Simpson. Maybe the rest of them isn’t famous in Europe? Still, interesting to read. Thanks.

    And thanks for visiting my TTT earlier.

  10. Your hobbies are not boring! I thought mine would be boring too. I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I don’t know all your celebrities, but I recognize a few of them (like Michelle Obama, LOL).

  11. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with ten non-bookish hobbies, either. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but when I do it’s usually celebrity memoirs. I really liked that Demi Moore book. And I need to give that Jessica Simpson one another try. The Nick and Megan one looks like one I need to try, too. Great list!

  12. I love listening to memoirs. I have only read or listened to two of these, so I guess I have something to check out for Non-Fiction November.

  13. Ha! I had the same thoughts, that a list of my hobbies would be quite boring. But I have enjoyed reading about other bloggers’ hobbies. I have so many of these on my TBR! I adored both of Mindy Kaling’s books. And Sara Bareilles is one of my favorite artists. I should read her book! Great post!

  14. Yes!! Great list. I have been listening to so many through audio format because it just gives me something special. haha. Becoming and Open Book are SO good. Becoming is one of my top books of the year!! Great list.

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