Review: One Little Dare (Whitney Barbetti)

One Little Dare
Author: Whitney Barbetti
Publication Date: July 16, 2020
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Truth or dare? I always choose a dare. And no matter the dare, I always follow through.
Even if it means walking down a busy street in my bathrobe and hair curlers.
Or recreating that iconic When Harry Met Sally deli scene while on a crowded subway.
Or hitting on a handsome stranger in a bar.
And then … marrying that stranger. While in Vegas.
But the one thing I’m not supposed to do is fall in love with this man.
That wasn’t part of the dare.
Only my heart never got that memo.

I’m a big fan of this series of standalone romances by Whitney Barbetti. They’re lighter than some of her other books and make me happy to read. Tori’s book is one I’ve been waiting for. She’s always been that wilder, spunky, loyal friend. First it was to Hollis (One Little Lie), and then it was to Keane (One Big Mistake). I was so interested in finding out what lie beneath her outgoing facade.

Tori was all the things I thought she was and more. She hid a lot of hurt that she couldn’t just share with anyone. I loved seeing those things she hid come to light in her relationship with Liam. They met and got to know each other in one of the funnest and also sad ways.

Liam was a character I loved getting to know. I personally connected with some of his character traits than Tori’s. I guess I’m just more like him than her. I understood the reasons he was the way he was. I loved meeting his tight knit group of friends and how he fit within that group.

I love a good “married in Vegas” romance, and this one was memorable for so many reason. I actually believed in the instant-love relationship that developed.

8 thoughts on “Review: One Little Dare (Whitney Barbetti)”

    1. Some of what she writes is angsty and some, like this is more upbeat. I have really enjoyed the entire series. I would recommend it.

    1. You should! I could see you liking her. This series is more upbeat, but she has a Mad Love series that is super angsty. I liked both, so she’s a versatile writer.

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