Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Colors In the Titles

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Today’s topic is:

Books with Colors In the Titles

These are all ones I’ve read in the past.

1. Black Lies
Author: Alessandra Torre

2. White Oleander
Author: Janet Finch

3. Fifty Shades of Grey
Author: E.L. James

4. Red Queen
Author: Victoria Aveyard

5. A Different Blue
Author: Amy Harmon

6. Bellman & Black
Author: Diane Setterfield

7. Words in Deep Blue
Author: Cath Crowley

8. The Silver Swan
Author: Amo Jones

9. Dirty Red
Author: Tarryn Fisher

10. Emerald
Author: Elle Casey


50 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Colors In the Titles”

  1. Fifty Shades made my list, too. That one was just too easy. 🙂 I still need to read A Different Blue.

  2. Had to smile when I saw 50 Shades of Grey, that’s the first book which sprang to mind with books with colours in the title. I adored Words in Deep Blue so pleased to see that here and I hadn’t even thought of Red Queen, that should be so obvious!

    1. It’s a “classic” so I expect to see 50 Shades a lot today. LOL. I’m glad you saw a few you loved on here.

    2. P.S. I’ll try to comment on your post through WP. When I try to reach it through my browser, it gives me some warning and doesn’t let me go to your site.

  3. I am a bit red-faced to say that I have read Fifty Shades of Gray. I also read Red Queen and enjoyed it, but the others are all new to me. It sounds like I need to check a couple of them out.

    1. No need to be red faced. I think a lot of us have read it. I hope if you find a couple to try, you like them!

  4. I was actually going to do this prompt, but the only book I could think of was Amy Harmon’s book. Then I see your list and see a couple other that I’ve read haha. I am no good at research!

  5. Great list – I saw the Setterfiled Bellman & black on another list and I haven’t read that one of hers, so on the list it goes. Did you enjoy it? – Thanks for the visit.

  6. I like your take on today’s list. I think the only book that I love and would have added on the list is ‘ The Color Purple’. Great list!

    1. I read White Oleander YEARS ago. I can’t even remember if I loved it or not, so I couldn’t tell you if it’s a must read. It was on Oprah’s book club, though.

    1. I had to go back through all my read books on GR, so it was kind of time consuming. Not as easy as it looked. I liked your topic better. 😉

  7. Words in Deep Blue and A Different Blue are both on my TBR – great picks.

    White Oleander is one I haven’t read, but for some reason, it was the first book that popped into my head when I saw the prompt. (you’d think it would at least have been a bright color, right??)

    1. I liked Red Queen, but the second book was REALLY boring. So it’s not horrible if you skip it.

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