Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is:

Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

1. You don’t have “text neck”. You have “book neck”.

2. You prefer an E-reader over a book because they aren’t as heavy to hold in your hands for a long period of time.

3. You prefer an E-reader because no one can tell just how many books you actually have on there.

5. You have no idea what T.V. shows are currently popular, but you know what books are going to be released next month.

6. Your friends send you texts before they go on vacation asking what book they should take on vacation.

7. You text your friends (who may or may not be readers) about your favorite books when they are on sale so they too can read them.

8. Reading before bed does not put you to sleep. You can’t read in bed because you will stay up all night to finish the book.

9. You spend your time driving, cleaning, etc. listening to audiobooks instead of music.

10. You own a t-shirt, mug, sticker, bag, or anything else with a book quote, book saying, or author name/group name on it.

How many of these could you check off my list?

48 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover”

  1. #3 totally made me laugh. I’ve had comments over the years about the number of books I own so I guess I’ve become sensitive about it. That’s when the Kindle comes in handy. And #5 is so me. I’m clueless about TV (vert rarely even turn it on and I don’t follow anything TV-related) but I know about my favorite author’s releases! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I am only allowed 1 and half bookcases, so the number of physical books I own is low. My Kindle, though… I’ll never tell!

      1. It was putting me to sleep like the first 6 months of my little ones life. I was soo exhausted that I couldn’t even read! Lol

  2. I am all about that ebook love, and I like the way it tells me time left too. And #9 is all me. I am listening to an audiobook at this very moment.

    1. I wish I was listening to audiobooks. My daughter and husband being home 24/7 has me not listening to them right now.

  3. Ha, #3 is so very true! If it exists on the Kindle, it’s not a physical book and therefore it can’t be counted against me, right? That’s my motto, anyway. #5 is so very true, too. (Psst, #4 seems to have gone missing. Probably with all the books in my Kindle TBR).

    Here’s my TTT post.

  4. #2 for sure and haha #3 made me laugh! It’s a mystery how many books are actually on there lol. I don’t even know how many I have!

    #5 I can totally relate to as well.

    1. I need to go back through all mine and pair them down. I try to do that every so often.

  5. Great list. The only parts I don’t agree with are the e-readers and the audiobooks. I have to have an “old fashioned” book in my hand. But I do understand those who prefer the other options. Other than that – all great.

    My TTT.

        1. Oh, do read on a Kindle? The paperwhite was an eye saver for me. I can make the font larger and it’s like reading on an actual book, not a tablet or phone screen. My friend just got one and she no longer gets eye strain or migraines from reading anymore.

  6. I am 100% behind the ereader love. My kindle has been a godsend and I find I’m likely to get through a book faster on the kindle and still get the same emotional connection.

  7. Haha I pretty much relate to all of these! Except I love physical books as much as ebooks, but since I just don’t have space for physical books anymore, I’m a about the ebooks now πŸ™‚ And definitely listen to audiobooks a lot too!

    1. I’m glad you like all of them! πŸ™‚ It’s nice to have a variety of ways to experience books.

  8. No. 3 is a TOTAL mood! Haha my Kindle is a dangerous place for all those unread books because they just disappear into the void but they’re still there whenever Amazon reminds me that I’ve already purchased this book before πŸ˜‚ I also love that I don’t have to stress about finding actual shelf space to store my books! Great list πŸ˜ƒ

  9. I can’t relate to some of these, but I love this list! I never got into ebook and audiobooks for varying reasons, but I’ll admit it is definitely easier to hide how many books you actually own! #8 has been happening to me quite a bit lately too…Not that I’ll ever complain about finding a good book!

  10. I agree with most of these, probably about 5-7 depending on the day. I used to be just a physical copy person (and still own a ton), but I do love my kindle paperwhite. Also I love audiobooks, but my drives are usually short most days, so there’s no point in listening then. But I do on slow days at work, and on road trips to visit family.

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