Review: Bastard Bachelor Society (Sara Ney)

Bastard Bachelor Society
Series: The Bachelors Club, #1
Author: Sara Ney
Publication Date: January 28, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


What is the Bastard Bachelor Society?

It’s a gentleman’s club—like the dignified men of the past used to have.

Except, we’re not gentleman, and we’re not dignified.

We’re ineligible bachelors; bored, jaded and not looking for relationships. Quite the opposite actually…

We’re so committed to being single, we’ve created a high stakes bet to see who can remain single the longest. Rules are involved. Prizes.

Laugh it up, but I’m no loser.

Enemy number one to my single status? My irresistible neighbor, Abbott Margolis. She with her evil cat Desdemona, and Sexy AF pencil skirts. She’s kind and beautiful and hilarious. We can’t get involved, no matter how much her meddling grandmother pushes us together. But if I was going to lose this bet for anyone? It would be for Abbott.

Let’s face facts: I’m a bastard, unwilling to settle down. Especially when there’s a bet to win.

I’ve read all of Sara Ney’s books. It’s safe to say I’m a fan of her books and humor. That being said, when I started Bachelor Bastard Society I had this “oh no” feeling. Like maybe this was the first book of hers I wasn’t going to love. It started out with Brooks’ point of view and I WAS NOT a fan. His little boys’ club was so idiotic and I can’t believe those dudes all signed on for it.

Then came Abbot. Abbot was such a joy to read. She was hilarious. Her cat was the perfect demon pet. She had the coolest grandma around. There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about her. Once she started interacting with Brooks, he became tolerable. He was still an idiot, but one that grew on me. By the end of Bachelor Bastard Society I loved them together.

I ended having WAY MORE fun reading this book than I thought I was going to have at the beginning. I’m pleasingly kind of surprised to say I loved it.

23 thoughts on “Review: Bastard Bachelor Society (Sara Ney)”

    1. You haven’t??? I think you might enjoy her books. I started kind of in the middle of all of them with The Learning Hours. It’s still one of my favorites. I would even say start there. 😉

  1. The blurb really intrigued me and I’m a fan of Sara Ney’s. It’s hard to root for a couple if one of the characters is annoying. I’m glad to hear you wound up enjoying the main character. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy this as well.

  2. I’m glad this one ended up being better than you expected. I downloaded one of this author’s books when it was free on Kindle and I’ve skimmed through it and think I decided she’s not for me. It was one from the series that has “Douchebag” in the title I think?

    1. So…the only one in that Douchebag series I think would maybe be okay for you would be The Learning Hours, which is book 3. That is my favorite. I think you might enjoy this one possibly.

  3. Lmao love how you started off this review. Seriously though, if this kind of club were real I think I’d want to smack all the guys who’d sign up for it? 🤣 Sounds like I would’ve been pretty annoyed with Brook’s character too, but I’m glad to hear that he became tolerable and that you shipped this couple in the end! I’m definitely intrigued and will be checking this one out 😀 Great review!

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