Top Ten Tuesday: Eleven Favorite New to Me Authors I Read In 2019

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Eleven Favorite New to Me Authors I Read In 2019

I didn’t read as many new to me authors this year because I focused a lot on reading books off my backlist TBR. I did end up reading enough for this list, though. Below are their names and the first book I read that made me want to read more. You can click on their names to go to their Goodreads pages.

1. Bryn Greenwood

2. Julie Cross

3. Devney Perry

4. Pippa Grant

5. Miranda Elaine

6. Amo Jones

7. Lyssa Kay Adams

8. Elizabeth Eulberg

9. Lucy Score

10. Roni Loren

11. Chanel Cleeton

50 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Eleven Favorite New to Me Authors I Read In 2019”

  1. There are a couple here that I already know and really love: Bryn Greenwood, Roni Loren and Julie Cross. All three are so wonderful! And Devney Perry is one that I definitely plan on reading this year!

  2. I haven’t read a single one of these authors.Shame on me! Like I was telling a friend on another post, it’s really hard to keep up with favorites while also trying out new authors. Books just seem to be written way too quickly these days haha!

  3. I love finding new favourite authors, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often. I have seen loads of positive reviews of The Bromance Book Club, but I haven’t read it yet.

  4. Elizabeth Eulberg is an author I’d like to give a 2nd chance to. I read one of her books a long time ago and the dialogue in it KILLED it for me. But I’ve heard good things about some of her other books, so I’m willing to give it another try. I have PAST PERFECT LIFE, so hopefully I can get to it at some point this year! Great list 🙂

  5. I am such a Julie Cross fan. I discovered her via the Juniper Falls series, but I have gone on to read her other books. All were fabulous. I had read Chanel Cleeton’s Wingman and London series, and I didn’t think I would like the Cuba books, because historical fiction is not my thing, but they were amazing. I had read a stand alone by Loren, which was ok, but her Ones that Got Away series was so good. I am happy I tried more books by her. Bromance was my first book by Adams, but I am not curious about her backlist.

  6. Loved Rock Bottom Girl, and Birthday List and Letters to Molly (those are actually the only books by her that work for me), and I’m excited to see Brynn Greenwood on your list, have you read Ugly and Wonderful Things yet?

    1. Yay!
      Yes, I read Ugly and Wonderful Things. I read it after I read The Reckless Oath We Made. I liked that one better because Ugly and Wonderful was really hard to stomach at some points for me. The writing was incredible, though!

  7. Devney Perry wasn’t new to me in 2019, but I was definitely glad to read more from her. Looking forward to trying Lyssa Kay Adams and Roni Loren this year!

        1. They are! Some are a little over the top, but I loved Beauty and the Beefcake and Stud in the Stacks. I highly recommend both of those.

    1. I can see how you might not like Amo Jones. She’s darker than I can stomach at times. I really hope you read Devney Perry and Chanel Cleeton. I think you would love them.

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