Review: Echoes Between Us (Katie McGarry)

Echoes Between Us
Author: Katie McGarry
Publication Date: January 14, 2020
Publisher: Tor Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Echoes Between Us is bestselling author Katie McGarry’s breakout teen contemporary novel about a girl with everything to lose and the boy who will do anything to save her.

Veronica sees ghosts. More specifically, her mother’s ghost. The afterimages of blinding migraines caused by the brain tumor that keeps her on the fringes and consumes her whole life haunt her, even as she wonders if it’s something more…

Golden boy Sawyer is handsome and popular, a state champion swimmer, but his adrenaline addiction draws him to Veronica.

A girl with nothing to live for and a boy with everything to lose–can they conquer their demons together?

Katie McGarry is one of those authors who I will read whatever she writes. She could write a book about aliens on Mars and I would be all in (Not something I would ever plan to read.). There’s a magic to her writing that pulls me in and makes me fall in love. That’s exactly what happened with Echoes Between Us. It blew me away. Here’s why.

  • Katie McGarry’s writing was as amazing as ever. The story in Echoes Between Us was spellbinding. I read it in two sittings. I would have read it in one, but sleep is important.
  • It pretty much took me most of the book to figure it out, but many of the characters are also from McGarry’s Only a Breath Apart. Once I did, I wish I had remembered that from the start. I loved how the two stories meshed a bit.
  • I loved the emotion of the story. Vi and Sawyer are dealing with some big, emotional things personally and it makes the connection they form so special.
  • The whole ghost aspect was so cool!!! It also creeped me out a bit, but I’m a wimp.
  • There were some twists and surprises I honestly didn’t see coming. That might have been because I was so wrapped up in the story.
  • How everything played out. I just loved this entire book. It’s selfish to say this, but I hope that we get another book with this same setting and group of friends.

Honestly, there wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this book. It was classic Katie McGarry and I couldn’t ask for anything more or different. Fans of her writing will love this book.

27 thoughts on “Review: Echoes Between Us (Katie McGarry)”

    1. I don’t know… it might be okay for you. Have you read her Thunder Road series? I think you would like that one.

  1. I JUST discovered this one on Goodreads about an hour ago. The cover is stunning but I wasn’t quite sure about the book itself. I’m glad to hear it was so great and that you gave it so many stars. I might actually have to check it out!

    Ash @ JennReneeRead

    1. YAY! Have you not read Only a Breathe Apart yet? I liked that one. It wasn’t my top favorite by her, but it was good. This one was better, though. You’ll want to read that one though because there are some ties. I wish I had read them closer together.

    2. YAY! Have you not read Only a Breathe Apart yet? I liked that one. There are some cool ties between them. I wish I had read them closer together.

    1. Thanks! Have you read Katie McGarry before? I think you would like her books. Her Thunder Road series is my fave of hers.

  2. I think that I will have to add this one to the TBR as well! I love it when I find an auto-buy author like this. The ghost aspect has me really intrigued.

  3. I’ve heard great things about Katie McGarry, I really should give one of her books a try! I have to say, I’m kind of a wimp as well, but still very intrigued by this one. Thank you for the recommendation 😀

    1. Thank you! It was her classic good writing, but it had some interesting twists with the ghost stuff. You should try it!

    1. Really? I love her books! I think I’ve read every one of them now. You might start by going back to Only a Breath Apart. Some of the characters from this one overlap with that one. My favorite of hers will always be the Thunder Road series, though. I highly recommend that series. Well, all of her books really!

    1. Oh, you need to read her Thunder Road series. Seriously. So good. This one was too, but that will always be my favorite.

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