Review: The Other Side (Kim Holden)

The Other Side
Author: Kim Holden
Publication Date: June 5, 2019
Publisher: Do Epic LLC
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Mental Health, Historical Fiction, Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Denver, Colorado

There are two sides to every story.
The surface reality that’s presented to the world.
And then there’s the other side.
The real one.
The one that matters.

Seventeen-year-old, self-proclaimed asshole, Toby Page, is alone.
No friends.
No family.
He trades maintenance work in exchange for room and board.
Every day he fights demons no one else can see.
Every day he wants to give up.
But he can’t.
Not yet.

When Alice Eliot moves in downstairs, she offers Toby some light in his dark world.
At a crossroads and barely hanging on, it’s hard to have perspective.
It’s difficult to see your own worth when you’re the villain in your story.
Luckily for Toby, Alice brings things out in him that no one else ever has.

As the two sides of Toby’s story are revealed, and the full reality comes into view, truth is gained.
Improbable alliances prove that kindness is fundamentally human.
Unlikely heroes emerge.

The question is, Will it all be enough to save him?

When I have to answer the dreaded “What’s your favorite book?” question, I always respond with Bright Side by Kim Holden. There hasn’t been a book since I read Bright Side that has affected me as much. I’m telling you this for a couple of reasons. One, so you know how brilliant of a writer Kim Holden is. Two, because while The Other Side wasn’t exactly another Bright Side, it just as impactful and even more important.

The Other Side is a story about a young man living with suicidal thoughts. I am not going to go anymore into the plot because it’s one of those books you have to read for yourself. (There are some amazing surprises in store!) What I will say is that I was impressed with the story Kim Holden told and the way it was delivered. It definitely made me think about my daily actions, the people around me, and the people I come in contact with. It’s truly one of those stories that young adults (and adults) need to read. I loved what this book gave to me, and I want it to give even more to others.

20 thoughts on “Review: The Other Side (Kim Holden)”

    1. *GASPS*
      You must read one her books! My favorite will always be Bright Side. This one is really good, too.

  1. I am so afraid to read one of Holden’s books. She was a keynote speaker at a convention I went to, years ago, and she was very lovely to meet, but I feel like her books would crush me emotionally.

  2. First off, I had no idea she had a new book coming out – that’s how bad of a book blogger I’ve been lately! Like you, I can’t imagine another book topping or meeting Bright Side, and I’m glad you loved it so much. I enjoy books that make you think about your own actions, but with the main character thinking of suicidal thoughts, was this as sad as Bright Side? I’ll read it anyway, but I would like to be prepared too!

    1. You’re never a bad book blogger! I just see her stuff on FB. 😉 I didn’t find it as sad as Bright Side. I shed a few tears, but nothing like the river I cried last 1/3 of Bright Side. You should read it for sure!

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