Review: Cold Day in the Sun (Sara Biren)

Cold Day in the Sun
Author: Sara Biren
Publication Date: March 12, 2019
Publisher: Amulet Books
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction, Sports
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Holland Delviss wants to be known for her talent as a hockey player, not a hockey player who happens to be a girl. But when her school team is selected to be featured and televised as part of HockeyFest, her status as the only girl on the boys’ team makes her the lead story. Not everyone is thrilled with Holland’s new fame, but there’s one person who fiercely supports her, and it’s the last person she expects (and definitely the last person she should be falling for): her bossy team captain, Wes.

The Last Thing You Said is a story that revolves around high school hockey. Our main character, Holland, is the only girl on the varsity boys’ team. She works her butt off every day to prove that she’s worthy of competing with the boys because not everyone believes she deserves to be on the team. The pressure to perform becomes even greater when her hockey team is selected to be spotlighted in HockeyFest. One person who supports Holland is her team captain, Wes. He’s the last person Holland expects to support her. Wes is also the last person Holland thinks would ever be interested in dating her, but he is. Holland shouldn’t be interested in Wes — she has a no dating teammates policy — but she can’t help the attraction that is starting to build between them.

I have been waiting for Sara Biren’s sophomore novel to be released ever since I finished reading her début novel, The Last Thing You Said. Her writing was so emotional and touched me in ways I wanted to experience again.

I found Cold Day in the Sun to be just as emotional and amazing as The Last Thing You Said. I loved the girl on a boys’ team theme. How Holland had to deal with her insecurities of being “the girl” was and all the issues that brought up were relevant to some of the situations going on in society today. The way her relationship with Wes wove into everything she was dealing with was a perfect. It wasn’t just her reactions to everything that made a big impact, but what others did and said about her spot on the team. There was a lot to think about it all — it made me wonder how I would react if my daughter was in the same situation or how I would feel if I was in Holland’s situation. I really loved how everything played out.

Oh, wait! I can’t leave out the music! If you read the blurb, you probably noticed the mention of glam rock. Let me just tell you that if you’re a fan of glam bands like Poison, you’re going to love this book. So many amazing songs are worked into the story in very fun ways. I loved how music was just as important to Holland and Wes’ relationship as hockey was.

Cold Day in the Sun was such a great book. It was one of those books I think everyone would benefit from reading. Sara Biren tackled a tough topic but mixed it with the sweetest romance to make it an emotional and fun read. I highly recommend Cold Day in the Sun. I think fans of Katie McGarry, Julie Cross, Ginger Scott, Sarah Dessen, or Morgan Matson would love this book.

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    1. I think you’d like it. It reminds me a bit of Julie Cross’ series. I got it off NG. I think it’s still on there.
      Thank you!

  1. Ahhh!! I have this book on my short TBR and you have me so excited for it! It has so many elements that I love in a book, especially the sports aspect. I am so happy to hear that you loved it. 🙂

    1. I really did love it. I just thought it was so smart and very timely. The sports aspect was so different from other books I’ve read. It was refreshing. I hope you read it and love it!

  2. I can’t wait to read this and your review just got me that much more excited! I saw the cover and then read the blurb a while back and added it to my tbr pile. I have not read the other book by this author.

    1. Yay! I love hearing that! I got it off NetGalley. It might still be available, if you’re interested in reading it. I really liked her first book, too. She’s one of those authors I’m going to be watching for each new releases. I hope you love it when you read it!

  3. Glam bands – lol! I haven’t heard of that before, but it cracks me up that Poison is one of them. I swear I still have the visual stuck in my head of their music videos (what are those?) and all that hair! ?

    1. Well, that was the description. Those of alive in the 80’s would probably just call it good old 80’s rock and roll. LOL
      Your video comment reminded me of when I went with a group of girlfriends to see Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon and another band a couple of years ago. There was a lot of people still holding onto those hairstyles…

    1. You would probably really like both of her books then. I think this one is still on NG I think. I highly recommend it!

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