Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s is Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their OWN Book.

1. Frank Sanger
This Adventure Ends
Author: Emma Mills

Frank Sanger is my most favorite character EVER. A book about him would be EPIC!

2. Chris, Alex, and Ed
My Favorite Half-Night Stand
Author: Christina Lauren

This is my favorite group of friends and I would love a book about each of them.

3. Zo
Block Shot
Author: Kennedy Ryan

We kind of got an ending for Zo in this book, but I want to know more about that.

4. Addison
Long Way Home
Author: Katie McGarry

There was a hint of a prospect and Addison having a relationship. I want that book!

5. The Royal Twins
Cracked Kingdom
Author: Erin Watt

This book would have to be NA or Adult, but I really want to know what was up with the twins.

6. Paisley
When It’s Real
Author: Erin Watt

I loved this book so much, and I would love to see Paisley fall in love.

7. Kyle
A Boy Like You
Author: Ginger Scott

Kyle is a favorite character of mine, and I would love to see what happens to him in college.

8. Heidi
More Than This
Author: Jay McLean

Heidi is the one character who didn’t get her happily ever after. I want her to.

10. Nate
Fallen Crest High
Author: Tijan

Who doesn’t want to know more about Nate? He’s such a big part of this story, yet he’s still kind of mysterious. I want to know even more about him.

9. Brandon
The Boy I Used to Know
Author: Tijan

I know, I know. I’m grasping at straws here, but I want the Fallen Crest world to go on and on. Heather got her book, and Brandon was a big part in it. I wouldn’t mind getting to know him better.

32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

  1. Addison definitely deserves a full book to herself. The short story we got was great at giving some sense of closure to her story, but I think there could have been more to tell.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Chris, Alex and Ed!! I loved those guys!!

    Is it bad that I kinda forgot about Kyle? Even though I mention him in my reviews… I think I need a reread, my brain does not retain information anymore.

    And I’m also curious about the Royal Twins, though I still have yet to finish that series…

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