Review: Faux Pas by Natasha Madison

Faux Pas
Author: Natasha Madison
Publication Date: October 9, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: ★ ★ ★


Five days in Paris sounded like a great idea for three friends. Especially when amazing wine was in play.

It didn’t matter that our rented “apartment” only had one bed, and barely enough space to breathe. We were in Paris and our motto was c’est la vie.

Nothing would faze us, not even the rude waiter at the first restaurant we went to, or the insanely hot manager who was insulted when a bottle of wine was returned.

Nothing could bring me down or knock me off my path to the best vacation of my life.


I had six days in Paris and then I’d go back to my wine vineyard. It was smooth sailing until three “Americans” came into the restaurant and returned my newest full-bodied, savory creation.

I ignored her until she stormed out of the restaurant looking for a taxi at one in the morning. I couldn’t leave her wandering around the streets of Paris, could I?

I’d give her a ride, make sure she was safe, and my duty would be done. Except, was it?

Something about her pulled me.

This could be a vacation fling. After all, there is no real reason for her to know my interesting secret.

I’m France’s most eligible bachelor.

This ‘faux pair’ is almost a faux pas…

Okay. Get ready because I’m going to review Faux Pas in a way I haven’t reviewed a book before.

In the beginning I was like, “Oh, no.”

Why? Well, I have to admit that Ms. Madison’s books haven’t all big 5 star hits for me lately. Her last few books have left me a little unsettled as to whether she’s an author I want to continue to automatically read with each new release or if I want to wait for reviews first. I’ve had a harder time getting into her stories and liking the characters right off the bat. It’s weird to me because I loved her Something So and Tempt series so much. Those two series almost feel like they were written by a different author — an author I prefer to the one who has written the latest releases. I feel bad saying that. I know each author evolves as they continue to write.

As for what exactly made me say “Oh, no.” about Faux Pas, it was a number of things. There was a flashback pretty early on that I wish had a been a prologue. It felt weird within that first chapter. The writing didn’t feel as smooth as I’m used to in a Natasha Madison book. I didn’t like Meghan and her two friends. They seemed so catty and not people I would want to be friends with — which sucked because the book was all about Meghan and her friends eating their way through Paris at this point. There was barely any interaction between the Meghan and Alex during the first 25% of the book. We barely got any Alex at all. All of those things had me wondering if I was going to like this book.

Then came the glorious middle.

Once Alex and Meghan started interacting, Faux Pas got so much better. It felt more like those other series I mentioned loving by Natasha Madison. There was less of Meghan and her friends and more of Meghan and Alex. Her friends became more side characters that were supposed to be at this time and less out there. I enjoyed the chemistry Meghan and Alex had at this point. It was fun to see how their relationship developed, and how the two handled all the problems that came their way.

I wish the beginning of this book would have been like the middle. The writing flowed better and the characters felt like real, more normal people.

And then it ended???

Yes, those are question marks after ended. Just when I was really loving Faux Pas it abruptly ended. I was like, “Wait! That’s the end?” It just felt like an odd end to me. There was a sweet epilogue after the end that I loved, but it felt like a huge jump from where the story ended for me. I felt let down.

For the most part, I really enjoyed Faux Pas. It makes me a little sad that I didn’t immediately fall in love with it because if I hadn’t been reading it to review I might have given up early on and not finished it. That would have been bad because it was definitely worth reading. I ended up loving Alex and Meghan’s love story. Natasha Madison is still going to be an author I reach for when a book is released.

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