Release Blitz Review: Pick Six by Max Monroe

Pick Six
Series: Mavericks Tackle Love, #2
Author: Max Monroe
Publication Date: May 8, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports


Sean Phillips is a sexy as sin enigma.
Cocky. Promiscuous.
The New York Mavericks star wide receiver.

His quick moves and sure hands extend way past the lines of the football field—and into the bedroom.

Sure of himself and sure of his life, Sean’s convinced he can handle anything. But when beautiful, pint-sized Six Malone delivers a challenge he’s never faced before, his certainty starts to waver.


Six Malone is a force to be reckoned with.
Feisty. Hilarious.
The popular YouCam vlogger Pick Six.

The chance to work with the Mavericks on an eight-episode vlog series is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Six knows it.
But after an interesting first encounter turns into a head-to-head battle with cocky football star Sean Phillips, her attention shifts—to keeping herself from falling in love.

Too bad spending time with the team is part of the job, and Sean has a flawless track record…of getting what he wants.


Pick Six: A term used when a quarterback throws an interception and a defensive player returns it for a touchdown, resulting in six points.

Pick(ing) Six: When a man-wh*ring baller meets his match.

Disclaimer: Early readers report uncontrollable laughter, choking, snorting, and multiple spit-takes while reading Pick Six. Use caution while reading in public, avoid throat-sized foods, and give any companions an umbrella.


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Oh my. Max Monroe. You’ve done it again. Just when I think you two couldn’t get any funnier, you come out with a new book.

Pick Six was a hilarious read. I laughed so hard I cried. No joke. Six was so mischievous and crafty when it came to Sean. Normally, that probably wouldn’t be a good thing to say about a character, but in this case it was. Six knew how to put Sean in his manwhoring place, and it was freakin’ awesome. If Six was a real person, I would have to idolize her. She was strong, smart, independent, and didn’t take crap from anyone. The thoughts that went through her head were utterly entertaining. As Cat would say, I had a little bit of a girl crush on her.

Sean…Well, Sean was a cocky idiot. I say that in a loving way. He was definitely part of the Phillips family. He was unfiltered in a way only that family can be. (I was so happy to find Cassie and Thatch had cameos! The Britney Spears conversation made me so happy!) Sean also had a bit of a sweet side I didn’t see coming. It was fun to watch the womanizing football player fall for someone who could take him down a notch.

Six and Sean’s romance was a delightfully humorous read. I didn’t want Pick Six to end. I had so much fun hanging with the Mavericks again. I’m just happy to know there are more books to come in this series. How many people are on a football team? That’s how many of these Marvericks books I need from Max Monroe. Get writing, ladies!


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