Top Ten Tuesday: Ten New Adult Book Series to Binge Read

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Ten book recommendations for __________.  My choice for the week is Ten New Adult Book Series to Binge Read. These are some of my favorite new adult series and why I love them. You can click on the series name and author to be taken to the Goodreads series page.

1.Falling Series by Ginger Scott

Ginger Scott has a way with words. Her romances are more than just romances. There’s always something more to be learned from her stories.

2.Bright Side Series by Kim Holden

This series is very near and dear to my heart. It’s about living every day to the fullest, grief and love. Bright Side is probably my most recommended read.

3.Alabama Summer Series by J. Daniels

J. Daniels is really good at weaving humor into her love stories. I can always count on her to make me smile or laugh.

4.The Ivy Years Series by Sarina Bowen

I love what Sarina Bowen has done with her Ivy Years series. It starts out following a group of hockey players and their friends as they fall in love, but it also digs into deeper social issues young adults that age deal with. I love the diverse characters from all walks of life that Bowen created. Each of their stories are important.

5.Nine Minutes Series by Beth Flynn

The Nine Minutes series can be categorized as either a psychological thriller or maybe a romantic suspense. I would say psychological thriller. There’s some romance to it, but the meat of the story is in the set up. This series has so many twists and turns. It’s dark and probably isn’t for everyone, but it’s my favorite thriller ever. This is probably my second most recommended series.

6.Ten Tiny Breaths Series by K.A. Tucker

I love the Ten Tiny Breaths series because it deals with rebounding from the pain life can sometimes deal out. All of the characters evolve so much throughout the series. I enjoyed the way finding love helped them through their struggles.

7.Kick Push Series by Jay McLean

Where the Road Takes Me isn’t technically part of the series, but it does kind of start it out. What I loved about Kick Push was the pure emotion of the story. Both characters have had some major obstacles in their short lives. How they find love, comfort and family in each other was so special. Jay McLean is a great writer.

8.Hearts Series by Claire Contreras

The Hearts series is one of the first NA series I read. I loved the depth of the characters and the love stories.

9. WAGS Series by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy are my author dream team. They write some of the funniest books together. Their characters are so amazing and I always fall in love with them falling in love.

10. Addicted / Calloway Sisters Series by Krista & Becca Ritchie

The Addicted / Calloway Sisters books are a journey. There’s some hard truths in their pages and it’s nice sometimes to read about characters who are flawed.


Have you read any of these? Do you want to?

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten New Adult Book Series to Binge Read”

  1. I don’t read a lot of new adult actually. I think the handful I tried were so angsty that it turned me off. I did read the first book in the Ivy League series and it was cute. I’ve also read WAGs, but for some reason I didn’t think those were New Adult.

    1. I think technically WAGS are NA. I could be wrong, though. I know her Brooklyn Bruisers series isn’t. If you liked the first Ivy book, the rest are just as good!

  2. I shamefully admit that I haven’t read any of these series!! And I call myself a fan of NA! Ha! I love Sarina Bowen, but haven’t picked up that series, yet (but I do own the books). I have read Ten Tiny Breaths, which I loved. I’ve wanted to read The Bright Side for years, but keep putting it off. Which I know I’ll regret. Lol.

  3. *insert the Grinch’s evil smile here* lol!! You know i’m all about finding new-new adult series!!! I’m taking notes and looking all of these up on GR!! Love this post!! Great job Deanna!!! <3

  4. That’s the great thing about finding a series that’s been going on for a while. It might be complete, but even if it’s not, you can read a bunch of books back to back. 🙂 Nice topic for this week!

    1. Hmm…Maybe try Bright Side by Kim Holden? It’s got a romance, but that’s not the main thing about the book.

  5. This is a great list here and none of them I have read and I really love NA. I just haven’t read all that much of it.

    I do have the Addicted by Ritchie series on my list.

    I do want to try out K.A. Tucker sometime.

  6. I’ll just go and add all these books to my immediate tbr pile. I’m slowly but surly making my way through Sarina Bowen’s books but I’m on a fantasy high right now so I’m taking a break from my binge reading session haha.

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