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Thank you to The Orang-utan Librarian for tagging me for the To Not To Read Tag. It will be interesting to see how I answer this tag because I don’t DNF a lot of books. Let’s get started…


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  • Tag other poor souls to do this (Trust me, I won’t)
  • Easy right?
  • Oh and only use books that you DNF as your answer hence the “to not to read” part.

What book would you be willing to finish?

I read the first couple chapters of Life of Pi (I think) and it seemed good. I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I think I would like to finish it, maybe on audio.

A dystopian book that you put down.

I liked The Selection well enough, but I couldn’t stand America in the 43 pages I read of The Elite.

A book that you just didn’t want to finish at all.

I wasn’t a fan of the writing, characters or plot in this book. Sorry.

A sequel.

I think I must have just gotten side tracked and started reading something else. I don’t remember a good reason for not finishing Destined for Love.

A book you’ll never again pick up.

My mom gave me Wicked once for my birthday because she was taking me to the musical. She thought I would want to read it first. I tried. It just wasn’t my thing. I won’t be picking it back up because I sold it at the used book store.

A book with too much hype.

A haunting read.

This book creeped me out from the beginning. I didn’t get too far into it before I set it aside looking for something happier.

A contemporary.

I had to DNF this book because it had to go back to the library. I will request it again at some point.

A book you were unsure of.

I wasn’t sure of Almost in Love because it felt a little dated from the beginning to me. I didn’t get far. Maybe I’ll pick it up again some day.

I guess I did okay! Or maybe not, since I didn’t finish these books! 😉


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10 thoughts on “To Not To Read Tag”

  1. This is a fun tag! And I wish I had DNF-ed The Elite. It was AWFUL. I did stick with it and read the third book, which was ok, but I was not at all interested in reading the rest of the series when it continued.

  2. Great answers- glad you did this (and so fast! I’m impressed!) I actually really liked Life of Pi, even though a lot of people don’t, hope you enjoy it!! I *hated* America in those books!! I really should have quit that series too. I felt the same way about Wicked too!!

  3. I actually really enjoyed Wicked, but I read it way before there ever was a musical, and the musical may have the same basics, but the tone of the book is completely different!!

    1. I probably should have tried harder. I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I held onto it for like 3 years, but decided I should let someone else read it. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though!

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