Top Ten Tuesday: I Won’t Read That

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is opposite of last week. It’s Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book. Here are the things that turn me off a book.

1. Poorly written third person point of views.

I can’t handle it when an author narrates in dual third person point of view and both characters sound the same. I also can’t stand when the character is overly descriptive and describes what happens rather than experiences it in third person.

2. It includes aliens and outer space.

I’m not a UFO fan. I’ll blame it on my mother-in-law who talks about how they’re real all the time. I’d rather it stay unknown if or if not they exist. I’m also not interested in reading about them. There have been a few exceptions to this (Illuminae and We Are the Ants), but generally I will pass up books about them.

2. Ghost sex.

Yes, ghost sex. I wrote that. A human having sex with a ghost is not my thing. And yes, I read a book with it once. I won’t name the book, but I was completely turned off by it.

3. Student-teacher romances.

Being a parent, I have a really hard time reading student-teacher romances. They just feel all kind of wrong to me no matter what age or grade. There’s a line crossed that I can’t forgive. College ones are a little easier for me, considering both parties are adults and are usually near the same age. My exceptions, or ones that were okay for me, were A Different BlueSlammed and Waking Olivia.

4. Books that are portrayed as romances, but are more like overly descriptive narrative life journeys.

I don’t know if this makes sense to someone other than me, but I’ve read a few books that were marketed as contemporary romances that weren’t really what I would call a contemporary romance. They were overly wordy and descriptive. The sexual connections and acts felt almost clinically described. Every scenic detour and thought was overly contemplated. I’d rather have my quick and dirty contemporaries filled with humor. Sorry.

5. Fantasies filled with royalty.

I’m going to get some hate for this one, so I’ll apologize ahead of time. I will pass up fantasy books with blurbs filled with talk of different kingdoms and royalty most of the time. Just not interested unless someone I trust thinks I would like it.

6. Adult Paranormal Romances

I don’t have a problem with young adult ones, but for some reason I can’t stomach adult ones. Maybe it’s like the ghost sex thing. Or maybe it’s my lack of imagination. Just can’t do them.

7. Books where little children are kidnapped, raped or murdered.

Back to being a parent. I have a young daughter. I don’t even want to think about those things happening to her. I can’t stomach reading about them happening to other children. I pass by books with those things mentioned in the synopsis.

8. Horror novels

I don’t like to be scared. That’s basically what it comes down to. I don’t watch scary movies either. I did, however, enjoy R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike books in my younger years.

9. Series that have lost me.

I love series with interconnected characters and settings. What I don’t love is when authors play catch up for every single character from previous books in the newest series release. I love those characters, but save that info for a novella. I want the meat of the new book to be the new characters. I want their story to develop. If an author does starts playing catch up all of the time, I’ll stop reading that series. Sometimes, it’s also a situation where a series started out amazing but then falls off. A lot of times I won’t return to read that author’s other books.

10. Anything that sounds boring or like I won’t like it.

Pretty simple, but true. If a blurb doesn’t interest me, I probably won’t read the book.

35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: I Won’t Read That”

  1. I hate when in third person POV the perspective between characters change from one sentence to the next. Even if it’s not 1st person, I still want it to be clear which character we’re with. I also hate a lot of overly descriptive writing, too!

  2. Same on #7 & #10 for sure. And just no on ghost sex. Lol. I don’t usually do science fiction – there have been some exceptions like Illuminae and Dark Matter. And I have issues with the student-teacher romances, too! Great list!!

  3. …Ghost sex. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever come across this in a book, and I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am. Wow.

  4. The face that Ghost sex is even a thing makes me chuckle. It’s just so absurd, I’d never be able to take it seriously.

  5. Yeah I don’t like dual POV’s or whatever that sound EXACTLY the same. Horror and books where kids are victims don’t appeal to me either, I read for escapism and those kinds of horrible things- no thanks.

    Great list!

  6. Ghost sex? Oh my gosh, I don’t even know if I should ask. Ghosts as love interests I have read and am just baffled by. I cannot with student-teacher relationships either. It’s so icky in my opinion and authors often ignore the power dynamics in the relationship. Great list!

  7. I adore Sci Fi, so space (and sometimes aliens) are totally my thing. But I definitely agree about the ghost sex. That’s just weird.
    And #7, for sure! Never like that in books. Who would? :/

  8. I’m with you on the student-teacher romance. I’ve read a few, but never managed to really get into them. Maybe it’s because I’m not into romances in which there are big power differences and age gaps. Also with you on #7. If I buy a romance, I want to be romanced, otherwise I’d buy one of the thousand “coming of age” novels filled with moral dilemmas and metaphors.
    But I love adult paranormal romance, although I understand how something like Ghost-Sex would traumatize a reader. I stick to vampires and to a few trusted authors because this genre can get quite crazy.

    1. Now I’m envisioning vampire sex. I’ve read that before, and I can’t get past the cold, dead body. Lol.

      1. ahaha, I never really thought of the coldness and dead-ness. For me, as long as they’re undead and “hot” between the sheets, their skin temperature doesn’t factor in. I have more issues with werewolf sex, because… fur. lol

  9. I kind of agree with the ghost sex. Although, I read A Certain Slant of Light and did enjoy it. There was no ghost sex but they did have a relationship. Mostly, I stay away though. With Sci-fi, it can go either way. If there is so much science in it that I’m lost, I refuse, but if it is just mild, I may enjoy it. Have a nice week!
    Laura 🙂
    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. That’s great that you can sometimes enjoy it if it’s not too science-y. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll check out your post. 🙂

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