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Hey, everyone! I was tagged by the lovely Orang-utan Librarian for the What Would That Villain Read? Tag. (Thanks!) This tag is pretty simple, so we’re going to get right to it!

the rules:

  • Pick 5+ villains and wonder what books they are most likely to read (feel free to use our villains or find new ones!)
  • Nominate bloggers! As many as you want!
  • Have fun in the world of villainy!

1.asa (Too late by colleen hoover)

If Asa was going to read, he’d probably read something kind of porn-ish. I think he’d want a little bit on kink, so Grey seemed like a good match for him.

2. Amy dunne (gone girl by gillian flynn)

Amy Dunne was a complex with woman who knew how to work the system. I think she would appreciate the web of deceit in Nine Minutes.

3. grizz (nine minutes by beth flynn)

Grizz was a smart guy. I can see him enjoying the complexity of the Millenium series. Plus, it had some badass bikers in it, too.

4. miranda (so much more by kim holden)

I think Miranda would have been highly impressed by Amy Dunne. I can see her loving Gone Girl.

5. draco malfoy (harry potter series by J.k. rowling)

With his pasty white complexion, I bet Draco Malfoy would love reading all about vampires.

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