Review: Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

Sweet Home
Series: Sweet Home, #1
Author: Tillie Cole
Publication Date: October 13, 2013
Publisher: Tillie Cole Ltd
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Sports Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½


At age twenty, Molly Shakespeare knows a lot.

She knows Descartes and Kant.

She knows academia and Oxford.

She knows that the people who love you leave you.

She knows how to be alone.

But when Molly leaves England’s grey skies behind to start a new life at the University of Alabama, she finds that she has a lot to learn — she didn’t know a summer could be so hot, she didn’t know students could be so intimidating, and she certainly didn’t know just how much the folks of Alabama love their football.

When a chance encounter with notorious star quarterback, Romeo Prince, leaves her unable to think of anything but his chocolate-brown eyes, dirty-blond hair and perfect physique, Molly soon realises that her quiet, solitary life is about to dramatically change forever…

Mature New Adult novel — contains adult content, highly sexual situations and mature topics. Suited for ages 18 and up*

If I had to describe Sweet Home in one word, it would be drama. The entire book is one dramatic scene after another. Sometimes the drama was at normal levels. Other times it was completely over the top. I didn’t dislike all of the drama. It was quite entertaining. But I couldn’t help rolling my eyes a bit. All of the drama definitely made Sweet Home an interesting ride.

Adding to the dramatic storyline were the characters. Molly was a poor English transfer student with smarts, unstylish clothing, and a fear of losing those she loves. She’s completely out of her comfort zone in football loving Alabama. Romeo was a dominant, foul-mouthed, playboy college quarterback who yearned for independence from his wealthy family. They’re opposites, yet Molly and Romeo find something in each other they’ve never found before. Their relationship and feelings for each other were very intense.

I liked Molly. It was easy to empathize with her character. I also really liked her back story. Rome was…just okay. He was so fierce and enraged all of the time. Even in moments of tenderness there was an edge to him. If he hadn’t treated Molly so well, I would have thought he was a complete jerk. Part of that could have been the fact that Sweet Home was told from Molly’s point of view. Maybe he would have seemed less dominant if his point of view was included in this book.

While I found Sweet Home very entertaining, I didn’t quite fall in love with it. I had fun reading it, and would recommend it for the entertainment value. I did like it enough to want to continue reading the series. I’m hoping the next book in the series is just as entertaining, and I fall in love with both characters.

4 thoughts on “Review: Sweet Home by Tillie Cole”

    1. Haha! Thanks! This one was a little crazy, but the rest of the series is AMAZING! So it was definitely worth reading!

  1. Drama can add a lot to books, but sometimes when it’s overdone it can just make the book seem forced and definitely worth the eye rolls. At least you were able to find yourself really liking one of the characters in this one!

    1. Oh my, this one was so overly dramatic. Drama was in everything from the characters’ speech, what was going on in their lives now, their pasts…I could go on and on. I wouldn’t have read the second book if I didn’t own it! But after this book, the series was AMAZING!

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