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I was tagged by Debby @ alwaysbooking for The Sims Book Tag. (Thanks, Debby!) Now, I have to admit that I’ve never played The Sims. Sad, I know. So I’ll just do my best to fill in my answers. 😉

The Original Sims –  the best author debut

Amber Smith published her debut novel in 2016, but she was the first author to pop into my mind. I absolutely loved her first novel, The Way I Used to Be. It was so well written. I was shocked it was her first.

The Grim Reaper – the saddest character death

I hesitated to pick Bright Side because I didn’t want to give away anything about this book, but it was truly the saddest book I’ve ever read. The death in it pierced my soul.

Sims Getting Stuck – a character that just got in the way

Can I say that all of the characters got in the way of the true gem in this story, Frank Sanger? I loved Frank Sanger so much that I want him to get his own book.

Simlish – a book with amazing writing

If you haven’t read a book by Amy Harmon yet, put her at the top of your TBR. Her writing and stories are simply beautiful. I would recommend starting with Making Faces.

Expansion Packs – a series where the books keep getting better

Sweet Home was definitely a series that got better and better as it progressed.

Sim Romance – the worst case of insta-love

Insta-love doesn’t usually bother me if I can understand why the characters are so attracted to each other. I totally didn’t get it in the case of All of It.

Cheats – a book that was entirely unrealistic 

Obviously you can’t telephone the past, so this one was unrealistic. That didn’t mean I didn’t love it, though. I did!

Needs Fullfillment – a character that made all the wrong decisions

Bella. C’mon, she pick a sparkly vampire to fall in love with — one who is intoxicated by her scent. Ew. Wasn’t there at least one good looking human teenage boy to fall for in Forks?

Error Code 12 – aseries that started off well but went downhill from there

I loved the first three Mortal Instruments books. I wish they had ended there because I barely could stand the fourth book and then gave up half way through the fifth. I still haven’t picked up another novel by Clare.

The Sims Vortex- a series that completely engrossed you

Once you start the Addicted / Calloway Sisters series, you’re going to want to binge read them in order. They’re so addicting!!! Here’s the order, just in case you’re curious:

  • Addicted to You
  • Ricochet
  • Addicted for Now
  • Kiss the Sky
  • Hothouse Flower
  • Thrive
  • Addicted After All
  • Fuel the Fire
  • Long Way Down
  • Some Kind of Perfect

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  1. Thanks for the tag! I’m definitely going to do this one – I used to be sooo addicted to The Sims when I was a kid. Totally agree with you on the soul-piercing death in Bright Side. I still think that’s the most I’ve ever cried at a book!

  2. So my sister is obsessed with playing The Sims – particularly in “renovating” the houses. She texts me pictures all the time about her “renovations.” I have to say I don’t quite understand it haha. I totally agree that The Mortal Instruments should have ended after 3 books.

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