Release Day Blitz Review: Chain Reaction by Tara Wyatt

Title: Chain Reaction
Author: Tara Wyatt
Series: Bodyguard #3
On Sale: February 28, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Formats: Mass Market
Price: $7.99 (mass market)
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Blonde. Beautiful. Talented. Alexa Fairfax is practically Hollywood royalty. But growing up in a family of legendary movie stars also puts her in the spotlight for danger. And after she discovers a plot more deadly than any movie script, Alexa desperately needs a bodyguard. A man like Zack De Luca. A true friend with a good heart, a protective nature-and the hard, chiseled muscles to back it up.

Zack has always been wildly attracted to Alexa. But since he’s training day and night to be an MMA fighter, he’s afraid his gorgeous friend will only distract him from his goal. Indescribably sweet and irresistibly sexy, Alexa needs Zack to pretend to be her boyfriend after her life is threatened. Now this fighter-in-training will have to fight his own intense feelings-to keep their little charade from turning into a major disaster . . .

Bodyguard #3
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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Note: I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Romantic suspense is one of those tricky genres for me. I either find myself deeply involved in the storyline or completely bored with it. In the case of Chain Reaction, it was deeply involved.

Tara Wyatt’s writing quickly pulled me into the story. It was fast-paced and moved the story along quickly. Nothing was too drawn out or boring. The story contained just the right amount of suspense, and was entertaining. I found myself easily connecting to the characters.

Alexa and Zach were so adorable! I loved how the author set up their back story. It turned what could have felt like insta-love into a believable romance. They way they tried to avoid a romantic relationship but couldn’t was cute. And once they acted on their feelings for each other — dang! The story took a super steamy turn. The last third of the book was over the top sexy times. I loved it!

The only slight issue I had with Chain Reaction was that it was written in third person dual points of view. This isn’t my favorite style of narration, but it worked for the most part in this story. The only problem I had with it was at the beginning when Zack is introduced. His character is presented in the middle of a party and his name kind of got lost in the mix of other male characters to me. It took me a while to remember who he was. That could be related to the fact I hadn’t read the previous two books in the series and had no idea who all of the other characters I was being quickly introduced to were. Had the story been told in first person, it might have been easier for me to navigate.

Overall, Chain Reaction was a great romantic suspense novel. It kept my attention the entire time, and had me invested in the characters’ lives. I highly recommend it to readers who like a series with interconnected characters.


Tara Wyatt has been making up love stories ever since she fell head over heels for the Backstreet Boys almost twenty years ago. Winner of the Unpublished Winter Rose Award, Linda Howard Award of Excellence and the Heart of the West Award, Tara lives in Hamilton, Ontario with the cutest dog in the world and a husband that makes all of her heroes look like chumps.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


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2017 New Adult Reading Challenge Update #2

Good morning!

As you know, I’m participating in the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge hosted by Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much. My goal is to read 100 new adult novels this year. So far I’ve completed 27 books! I’m about 25% of the way toward my goal.

I’ve also made great progress on the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge Bingo. I was able to place 16 of the books I read onto the card. I’ve listed them below and linked them to their Goodreads pages in case anyone is interested in finding out more about them.

  1. book set in college: No Bad Days (Fisher Brothers, #1)
  2. a re-read:
  3. book about friendship:
  4. book with only male POV: Undeclared (Burnham College, #2)
  5. book based on its cover:
  6. new to you author: Bossman
  7. diverse novel:
  8. book you can finish in one day: Troublemaker (Prescott Family, #1.5)
  9. hyped book:
  10. book set in summer: Until We Break
  11. book that makes you laugh: The Cad and the Co-ed (Rugby, #3)
  12. 2017 release: The Rule Maker (The Rule Breakers, #2)
  13. star (free choice): Sweet Soul (Sweet Home, #4)
  14. book with with music or art: The Feeling of Forever
  15. book about road trip:
  16. book out of your comfort zone:
  17. book you knew nothing about: Sweet Home (Sweet Home, #1)
  18. new adult bestseller: Fake Fiancée
  19. start a new series: Lila (Boyle Heights, #1)
  20. debut novel:
  21. one word title: Cheater (Curious Liaisons, #1)
  22. book about sports: Cross Check (Bayard Hockey, #2)
  23. LGBTQ novel: Off Campus (Bend or Break, #1)
  24. book recommendation:
  25. bottom of your TBR: Sweet Fall (Sweet Home, #2)

I’m really excited to continue with this challenge. I’m hoping I can complete several more books in the next couple of months.

If you’re participating in the challenge, how are you doing on your goal so far?

Release Day Review & Excerpt: The Hot One by Lauren Blakely

 From #1 NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, comes a hot new standalone second chance romance…


Want a slow burn, sexy-as-sin second chance romance filled with wit, humor and so much heart? Dive in, and get ready to swoon and fan yourself from the heat!

TheHotOne - Now Available

A sexy, feel-good romance that makes you feel good all over, THE HOT ONE is a hot, second chance standalone romance and the story of confident, charming and cocky attorney Tyler Nichols who is determined to win back his college sweetheart when he runs into her in NYC eight years later. He’ll do anything to win her heart… including stripping naked for her at her office. Can she move on from the hurt and give love a brand new chance? Find out in this sexy, fun, and sizzling romance full of heart, charm and heat! Told in dual POV, THE HOT ONE is being called over-the-top hot and utterly addictive. Grab your copy of THE HOT ONE and get ready to laugh, swoon, and fan yourself from the heat!

The Hot One is love, laugh-out-loud humor, and lust all wrapped up in the perfect package…PURE PLEASURE!!!” ~ Bookalicious Babes Blog

THE HOT ONE - Available Now banner

“Lauren Blakely is the QUEEN of sweet, fun, and steamy reads… Her books are utterly addictive.” ~ Angie’s Dreamy Reads

THE HOT ONE - cover

A sexy new standalone romance from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely…

Ever notice that sometimes a guy will do something really stupid, like let the love of his life slip through his fingers?

Yeah. I’m that guy. But the instant I run into her again I’ve got one goal and one goal only—a second chance. The plan? Go big or go home.

Fine, at first glance, stripping naked at my ex-girlfriend’s place of work might not seem like the brightest way to win her heart again. But trust me on this count—she always liked me best without any clothes on. And sometimes you’ve got to play to your strengths when you’re fighting an uphill battle. As a lawyer, I know how to fight, and I’m prepared to fight hard for her. Because sometimes you need a second chance at first love.

He’s the one who got away . . .

The nerve of Tyler Nichols to reappear like that at my job, showing off his rock-hard body that drove me wild far too many nights. That man with his knowing grin and mischievous eyes is nothing but a cocky jerk to saunter back into my life. Except, what if he’s not . . .? I’ve tried like hell to forget him, but maybe I’m cursed to remember the guy I fell madly in love with eight years ago. Lord knows I’m not over him, so what’s the harm in giving him a week to prove he’s changed in the ways that matter?

After all, how do you resist the hot one . . .?


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My Review:

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Note: I received an ARC from Inkslinger in exchange for an unbiased review.

The Hot One could have been called The Cute One because it was so freakin’ cute…but I doubt Tyler Nichols would have been satisfied with that title. The guy was off the charts hot. Not only did his body sound like a sin I’d love to commit, his actions to win back Delaney’s heart made me swoon. Tyler may have been a tad bit cocky and impulsive, but he gave his all and his heart. I loved that he wasn’t afraid to admit to his failures.

I didn’t blame Delaney for not wanting to immediately accept Tyler back into her life. She had all the right reasons to avoid his temptation. I loved that she was strong on her own, but wanted to find someone “normal” to share her life with. The way Tyler wore down Delaney’s defenses was so much fun to read, and oh so sexy!

The Hot One was a very fun second chance romance. I enjoyed every minute of reading it. I don’t think I even put the book down once.The only thing I would have loved to see more of in this story was Lauren Blakely’s trademark humor. There was some sprinkled throughout, but I would have loved even more. I can’t get enough of her witty writing!

Fans of the One Love series of standalone novels are going to love The Hot One, and so will readers new to the series. It’s a fun, fresh take on the second chance romance. I highly recommend reading it.

THE HOT ONE - RDL teaser 3

Tyler Nichols. Oh. My. God. The title is definitely apropos. This man is over the top HOT in oh so many ways. The Hot One is a read-in-one-sitting kind of story.” ~ Naughty Girls and Their Books

THE HOT ONE - RDL teaser 1

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THE HOT ONE - RDL teaser 2


Technically, I didn’t drop my drawers the first time I saw her again. Just my balls.

The ones in my hands. Juggling balls.

Here’s how it went down. Picture a Sunday morning in Central Park. A perfect summer day. The grass was green, the breeze was warm, and I’d just spent the last few hours getting acquainted with turtles and frogs at the children’s zoo because I’m an awesome uncle. And Carly’s one cool seven-year-old.

The kid loves all creatures, but especially the ones that jump and crawl, so I took her to the enchanted forest part of the zoo. When we finished, she tugged on my shirt sleeve, batted her hazel eyes, and asked ever so sweetly for an ice cream cone.

Like I stood a chance at resisting her. C’mon. She’s my cousin’s kid, and clearly she gets her charm from our side of the family.

With her hand in mine, we strolled across the grass near the running path, hunting for the nearest ice cream dealer.

And then Carly did that thing little kids do.

She shrieked for what seemed like absolutely no reason. Next, she pointed to an impossibly tall dude wearing a beret while juggling two Rubik’s Cubes, two orange balls, and a small green beanbag.

“He can do five, Uncle Tyler!” Carly shouted, her eyes going wide.

“Five isn’t too shabby,” I said with a shrug.

She turned to me with a questioning stare. “I’ve never seen you do five.”

“That’s because I haven’t shown you all my tricks yet.”

“Can you really juggle five balls?”

I scoffed. “Please, I can do that with my eyes closed.”

I didn’t put myself through law school juggling for nothing.

Just kidding.

You can’t put yourself through law school juggling anything but insane class schedules and lack of sleep.

Carly arched an eyebrow. So did the juggler, as he kept up the cascade of his quintet. Show-off.

“I want to see. Show me,” Carly urged.

Yeah, Carly’s a chip off the old block. She’s all about challenging me, and I’m all about rising to the challenge.

The stick-thin guy with the beret raised his chin. “Have at it, man.”

With clockwork precision, he let the balls fall out of orbit and into his palm. Next, the Rubik’s Cubes. Then the beanbag. He stepped closer, handed me the objects, and flashed a crooked, put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is grin.

Game on.

Packs of runners jogged along, cyclists wheeled over the black asphalt, and rollerbladers whizzed by on the concrete. With my feet parked hip’s width apart, I stood at the edge of the grass getting a feel for the items, weighing them, and then one, two, three, four, five, I whisked each one up into the air in a high oval arc. Round and round, in a perfect five-ball cascade.

Carly clapped, then demanded more. “Yes, now close your eyes!”

I groaned. What was I thinking? Juggling with eyes closed is fucking hard. But I could pull it off for a couple seconds. My special skill. I obliged my niece’s request, pulling off a few quick blind ovals. Five seconds later, after I’d shown off that particular party trick, I opened my eyes.

And I saw a vision from my past.

A blond beauty, with long legs, a lovely round ass, and a high ponytail swishing back and forth across her shoulders. She ran along the path in tiny orange let-me-peel-them-off-with-my-teeth-pretty-please running shorts. And that face. Dear Lord, the stunning face of an angel. High cheekbones. Deep brown eyes that saw me like no one ever had. Those red lips, shaped like a bow. Fuck me, the things she could do with those lips. The things I taught her to do with that sinful mouth.

Delaney sure as hell knew how to use it, and I don’t just mean in the bedroom. We used to talk about anything and everything when we were together in college. Days with her. Nights with her. Best time of my life. That woman was full of spark. Full of fire. So damn passionate. And look at her now.

Jesus Christ.

It had to be illegal to be that smoking hot.

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About Lauren Blakely:

Author pic - Lauren Blakely

A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than seventy-five times, and she’s sold more than 1.5 million books. In February she’ll release THE HOT ONE, a standalone contemporary romance. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!

Website ** Facebook ** Twitter ** Newsletter ** Goodreads

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Blog Tour Review: The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon

Author: Jessica Lemmon
Series: Billionaire Bad Boys, #3
On Sale: February 28, 2017
Publisher: Forever
Mass Market: $7.99 USD
eBook: $6.99 USD
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Beauty and the Beastly Billionaire . . .

Eli Crane is one tough bastard. After an explosion left him injured and honorably discharged from the Marines, all he wants is to be left alone. Yet his brothers insist he take a greater role in the family business. They’ve hired him ten personal assistants—and Eli sent each one packing as fast as possible. But when beautiful number eleven walks through the door, Eli will do anything to make her stay.

Isabella Sawyer’s employment agency can’t afford to lose Eli Crane’s business. Her plan: to personally take on the role of his PA, and secure her reputation with the wealthy elite in Chicago. But this beauty and her hot billionaire bad boy soon find themselves mixing business with pleasure in the most delicious ways. And passionate, stubborn Isabella won’t rest until she tames this wicked beast . . .


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Google Play | iBooks | Indiebound |Kobo

The Billionaire Bachelor, #1
The Billionaire Next Door, #2
The Bastard Billionaire, #3

Series Page on Goodreads


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Note: I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

The Bastard Billionaire is one of the books I’ve been looking forward to most in 2017. I really enjoyed the first book in the series and fell completely in love with the second book. I couldn’t wait to find out what Jessica Lemmon had in store for me next with the third Crane brother.

In The Bastard Billionaire, Eli Crane has returned from war missing a limb. He’s recuperated nicely, unless you count his surly attitude towards everyone and everything. He’s purposely pushed every personal assistant his brother hires for him out the door. Eli plans on continuing his successful streak of quitting assistants, but Isabelle Sawyer is determined to outlast him. As owner of the employment agency, she knows she has everything to withstand Eli’s torture. What she doesn’t count on is being so attracted to him.

I have to admit that The Billionaire Next Door set the bar really high for this book. I loved that one so much that this one had a hard time measuring up. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great read. It just wasn’t quite as amazing as The Billionaire Next Door. I think part of that was the characters.

I loved Eli and all his crankiness. He had gone through what no one should have to. He’d healed but not completely. He still didn’t see himself as the person he was before he lost his leg in combat. I was impressed with how Jessica Lemmon portrayed him and his personal struggle. It felt real and honest. I liked Isabella in regards to her relationship with Eli, but I wasn’t a fan of her back story. I’m not sure why, I just didn’t like the story behind her turning away from her wealthy family. It made it harder for me to connect with her. Luckily, I loved her relationship with Eli.

The push and pull between Eli and Isabella created fireworks. They knew how to light a fire under each other and get what they wanted and needed. Their chemistry was so sexy. I would have loved to see even more of it in the story.

The Bastard Billionaire was another great addition to the Billionaire Bad Boys series. I’m really sad to see this series ending, but it was so much fun to read. I would highly recommend it to contemporary romance readers.


Standing, she smoothed her hands down her pants and flipped her hair. She had planned to quietly finish her work and leave without seeing him again. No such luck. And no hiding that she was heading his way when her heels clicked along the concrete floor.


The kiss had happened. The button incident had happened. There was no taking it back. Regardless of how either of them felt about it, she was going to continue working here. So. She would deal with the here and now.

Since the sun was shining, Eli’s lair was welcome instead of foreboding. No fire cracked in the hearth today. Also unlike his usual, he wasn’t at his desk. He was at the printer.

“This yours?” He offered a sheet of paper.

“Yes.” She couldn’t keep from explaining. “Pressed the Print button by accident.”

Mi printer es su printer.”

Isa accepted the document and Eli sank his hands into his jeans pockets, his forearms flexing with the movement.

“I wasn’t—”

“I shouldn’t—” they said at the same time.

He pursed his lips and she looked at her shoes. “Go ahead.” She was going to say, I wasn’t offended when you kissed me, but now that she’d had a millisecond to think it through, maybe she should pretend the kiss hadn’t happened. Which was . . . impossible. Standing this close to him, it’s all she could think about.

“I shouldn’t have ruined your shirt,” he said.

“I dared you to.”

“Why?” His eyebrows compressed along with his lips.

“Because you have accepted the role of beast, but I don’t believe that’s who you are.” She let her gaze linger on his face before tracking down his body. “And because I like a challenge.”

“Do you?” He took a wide step toward her.

She matched his move and took one step closer to him. “Yes. I don’t wilt easily.”

He threaded her hair between his fingers, a look of longing and hurt mingling in his eyes. “I was about to lie and say I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

Shivers climbed her spine as she remembered how firm his lips felt against hers. “Maybe . . . you shouldn’t have stopped.”


A former job-hopper, Jessica Lemmon resides in Ohio with her husband and rescue dog. She holds a degree in graphic design currently gathering dust in an impressive frame. When she’s not writing super-sexy heroes, she can be found cooking, drawing, drinking coffee (okay, wine), and eating potato chips. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


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Review: Until It’s Right by Jamie Howard

Until It’s Right
Author: Jamie Howard
Publication Date: March 1, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Haley Mitchell is tired of moping. With her broken heart repaired with a thick layer of duct tape, she’s ready to put her ex behind her and move on. After a chance encounter in a club, she’s convinced she’s met Mr. Perfect. But when he accidentally gives her the wrong number, the stranger on the other end of her texts becomes her confidant.

Kyle Lawson has always had more luck with computers than women. So when the new temp, Haley, arrives, he has the misfortune of falling for her, only to land firmly in the friend zone. But when he learns the mysterious woman he’s been texting is actually Haley, he keeps the entire thing a secret.

As things move straight from platonic to decidedly hot, Kyle must come clean about his secret texting identity and risk losing the woman he’s fallen in love with.

Until It’s Right was simply adorable. Every single thing about this romance was cute. I loved the concept of the wrong number ending up being Haley’s new crush. The way their relationship started out as friends and then changed to more was sweet. And while the storyline was a little predictable, I didn’t care because I was so wrapped up in it.

I loved Haley and Kyle. Their insecurities were so easy to relate to. Anyone who has had their heart-broken before would understand all of the feelings they were having of not being enough. I loved the way they built each other back up while falling for each other. The confidence they helped create for each other was amazing. They were just so stinking adorable together! This story wasn’t just all sweetness, though. It was also seriously hot! Haley and Kyle ‘s sexual chemistry could have sparked an office fire!

Another really great thing about Until It’s Right were the friendship Haley had with her roommate and Kyle’s relationship with his family. Those relationships brought so much to story. They helped show how much each of the main characters grew throughout it.

Jaime Howard’s books have quickly become ones that I reach for when I want a fun new adult romance. I loved Until It’s Right. It’s the perfect book for when you need a book to brighten your day. I would highly recommend it.

Review: Under the Bleachers by K.K. Allen

Under the Bleachers
Author: K.K. Allen
Release Date: February 28, 2017
Preorder: Amazon



One kiss can change everything.

Fun and flirty Monica Stevens lives for chocolate, fashion, and boys … in that order. And she doesn’t take life too seriously, especially when it comes to dating. When a night of innocent banter with Seattle’s hottest NFL quarterback turns passionate, she fears that everything she once managed to protect will soon be destroyed.

Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, Zachary Ryan, is a workaholic by nature, an undercover entrepreneur, and passionate about the organizations he supports. He’s also addicted to Monica, the curvy brunette with a sassy mouth—and not just because she tastes like strawberries and chocolate. She’s as challenging as she is decadent, as witty as she is charming, and she’s the perfect distraction from the daily grind.

While Monica comes to a crossroads in her life, Zachary becomes an unavoidable obstacle, forcing her to stop hiding under the bleachers and confront the demons of her past. But as their connection grows stronger, she knows it only brings them closer to their end.

It’s time to let go.

To have a future, we must first deal with our pasts. But what if the two are connected?


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Note: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

Last year, I read my first K.K. Allen novel. It was Up in the Treehouse and I was very impressed with the writing and the attention to detail in the setting. It was set south of Seattle, about 15 minutes from my house. I loved Up in the Treehouse, so I was excited to read the next book revolving around characters I met in that first book.

K.K. Allen’s writing was just as good as I remembered it to be. Under the Bleachers did just as much justice to the Seattle area and Up in the Treehouse did. There may have been a few name changes, but everything felt real to me. I loved the characters in this story. The dialog between them all was so much fun.

Monica was that upbeat, fun-loving. sexy without trying to be chick. She hid a lot behind her personality, and I loved the way Zach tried to break through her tough shell. Zach was everything you hope a famous football player would he. He was kind, down to earth and so sexy. He was pretty dang perfect. I loved every up and down of their love story. It felt normal and natural. Plus, their chemistry was super hot!

The one thing that threw me off about this story was the way hint were given to the reader. There bits of information given about Monica’s past throughout the story ended up confusing me. They really should have helped me figure out where the story was going. I’m not sure if that was me or the way things were delivered. Toward the end I was surprised. I honestly didn’t see the big climax coming. Looking back and putting the pieces together, I should have.

Overall, I truly enjoyed every minute of Under the Bleachers. I was enthralled by the storyline and characters. I had a hard time putting the book down to accomplish my responsibilities. All of the back and forth between the characters was just so much fun to read. Now that I’ve finished it, I am really hoping K.K. Allen continues this series. I would love a Desmond book!

Connect with K.K. Allen:


Twitter Handle: @KKAllen_Author

Review: Undeclared by Julianna Keyes

Series: Burnham College, #2
Author: Julianna Keyes
Publication Date: February 27, 2017
Publisher: Julianna Keyes
Genre: New Adult, Sports Romance, Contemporary
Note: I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½


Kellan McVey is Burnham College’s most prolific athlete, partier, and ladies’ man—and that’s just how he likes it. Returning to reign for his third year, he wants nothing to change. Then Andrea Walsh shows up.

It wasn’t too long ago that Andi and Kellan were lifelong friends, mortal enemies, and, for one hot summer, more. Then Kellan left and Andi stayed behind.

Kellan thought he’d moved past that last summer’s heartbreak, but with Andi sitting next to him in class, befriending his friends, and battling for the same once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity, he’s starting to remember why he hated her…and why he loved her.

Kellan has a long list of reasons that falling for Andi again is a terrible idea, though every new moment together challenges that theory. But Andi’s all too familiar with Kellan’s love ’em and leave ’em approach—and she’s found someone else to get serious about.

Burnham’s campus king has never had to fight for a girl, but if he wants Andi to give him another chance, he’ll have to do the one thing he’s never had the nerve to do: admit it.

This book was a good, but uncomfortable read. It’s all Kellan’s fault. The thoughts in that guy’s head are enough to make most girls cringe. I got the reasoning behind his choices. They were pretty understandable — but understanding doesn’t mean liking. No girl wants to go through what Andi went through because of a guy. As a woman, I couldn’t empathize with Kellan. Kellan was an idiot.  I could only empathize with what I was imagining Andi was going through.

Which brings me to my next thought about Undeclared. Being in Kellan’s brain was insightful, but I would have really liked to know what was going on in Andi’s mind. I liked her character and how Kellan described her. I felt like she would have been more of an inspiring character to hear their love story through. I wanted to know what she thought about Kellan’s past couple of years at college. I wanted to know what continued to draw her to him besides his obvious good looks.

My favorite part of Undeclared had to be when Kellan is knocked off his throne. I loved seeing him finally discovering what was most important in life. His friends and family were so pivotal in that, and that was very cool. I liked their support of him, no matter how stupid he acted. I absolutely love the friendships in this series.

Despite my frustrations with Kellan, I still liked reading Undeclared. I’m a fan of Julianna Keyes’ writing and her Burnham College series. I’m happy I got to know Kellan better after meeting him in Undecided. I’m hoping this series will have many more books to come featuring Choo, Dane, and Marcela.

Review: Undecided by Julianna Keyes

Series: Burnham College, #1
Author: Julianna Keyes
Publication Date: April 4, 2016
Publisher: Julianna Keyes
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Sports Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Nora Kincaid has one goal for her second year of college: be invisible. Last year’s all-party-no-study strategy resulted in three failed classes and two criminal charges, and if she messes up again she’ll lose her scholarship. But there’s one problem with her plan for invisibility, and his name is Crosbie Lucas: infamous party king, general hellraiser…and her new roommate’s best friend.

Crosbie’s reckless reputation and well-known sexcapades aren’t part of Nora’s studious new strategy, but as she’s quickly learning, her new plan is also really boring. When Crosbie’s unexpected gestures of friendship pull her head out of her books long enough to see past his cocky veneer, she’s surprised to find a flawed and funny guy beneath it all. The muscles don’t hurt, either.

But as Nora starts to fall for Crosbie, the weight of one of last year’s bad decisions grows even heavier. Because three failing grades and two misdemeanors are nothing compared to the one big secret she’s hiding…

I’ve had Undecided on my Kindle for a few months now. I don’t know why I didn’t pick it up sooner. I heard great things about it, and I wanted to read it. What finally kicked my butt in gear was the fact that I had its sequel from NetGalley to read. I’m happy this forced me to read Undecided. 

I loved Undecided. The story and characters sucked me in. I could tell where the story was headed the entire time I was reading, but that didn’t make me any less interested. In fact, that made me more excited to get to the end. I had to know how everything played out.

Telling the story from Nora’s first person point of view was perfect. She was a complex character, and her thoughts and feelings gave enough insight for the story. I didn’t need Crosbie or Kellan’s view points because I could easily imagine what they were thinking. I adored Nora. I applauded her willingness to do what it took to get her life back on track.

The blurb makes you think this might be a love triangle romance, but it wasn’t really. The relationship in this one is between Nora and Crosbie. Crosbie was amazing. I loved that guy so much. While Kellan seemed like a real man whore, Crosbie seemed like a guy who tried it out and then realized he was missing something good. He was actually super sweet. I loved him with Nora.

Every character in this book added to the story. Nora, Crosbie, Kellan and all of the rest of their friends were so cool. They created drama in some very fun ways. I liked them all so much (Well, except for Nate. I don’t care for that guy.) that I hope there are books for all of them in this series!

Undecided  was well written, funny college romance. I enjoyed it, and I know other new adult fans will as well.

P.S. This book is only $1.99 for Kindle on Amazon right now!

Review: Touching Down by Nicole Williams

Touching Down
Author: Nicole Williams
Publication Date: October 8, 2016
Publisher: Nicole Williams
Genre: Contemporary, Sports Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½


The whole world might be in love with him. But all he’s ever loved is her.

Grant Turner’s name is synonymous with football. The fans and media can’t get enough of the player known as The Invincible Man, a nickname he earned while growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country and the nickname he’s kept by being one of the best players in professional football today. No one can take him down. He’s unstoppable.

But even a suit of armor has its weak point, and Grant’s has always been Ryan Hale.

They were a couple of kids when they fell in love, and just when it looked like the happy ending neither expected was within reach, Ryan disappeared. No explanations. No good-byes.

Grant coped by throwing himself into the game for seven years, and he’s finally moved on. Or so he thinks.

When she walks back into his life, all of those feelings come crashing back, despite the warnings in his head that tell him she’ll leave him again. Grant can withstand the league’s toughest defensive line, but he’s always been weak where she’s concerned.

No man can take Grant Turner down.

But one woman certainly can.

One woman will.

I’ve been on a sports romance reading kick lately. Touching Down has been on my Kindle for a while now, so I was happy to finally get to it. I especially loved that it wasn’t just a sports romance, but a second chance romance as well. Second chance romances are always full of fun surprises. This one certainly was.

This is the first novel I’ve read by Nicole Williams and I enjoyed her writing. She created interesting, flawed characters. I loved Ryan and Grant’s special connection. Ryan’s point of view was emotion packed and interesting. I would have loved Touching Down to have been in dual point of view because I think it would have been amazing to know what was going on in Grant’s head the entire time. They were both such complex characters. I would have also loved more look backs at their time together as teens.

Ryan Hale knew what she was getting herself into when she returned to her hometown after disappearing from her friends’ lives years ago. I didn’t blame her for the choices she made when her reasoning was explained. Her decisions weren’t perfect, but her strength, determination and care for Grant was. I did think she was a little selfish waiting seven years to see Grant again.

Grant Turner was the ideal man. He was successful, sweet and made choices not very many other men would. I was impressed with how he treated Ryan and his ability to let go of the past. I loved him.

I feel like my 3.5 star rating doesn’t tell you how much I actually enjoyed reading Touching Down. I was deeply touched by Ryan and her predicament. (I may have been close to tears a couple of times while reading.) I adored the way she reconnected with Grant, and how he wanted to take care of her. They were a sweet couple. I just couldn’t give Touching Down a higher rating because I felt like there was a big part missing from it. It ended so abruptly. I would have liked more of the current time frame before the huge jump to the epilogue.

Overall, Touching Down was a great read. There was so much emotion woven into this sports romance, and I loved that. Readers who enjoy a fast-paced second chance at love story will enjoy this book.

Review: Roman by Sawyer Bennett

Series: Cold Fury Hockey, #7
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Publication Date: February 21, 2017
Publisher: Loveswept
Genre: Contemporary, Sports Romance
Note: I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett steams up the ice all over again as the Carolina Cold Fury hockey team’s hottest bad boy gets his first taste of something good.

In a league full of troublemakers, Cold Fury defenseman Roman Sýkora stands out—at least when it comes to negative publicity. When he’s not chilling in the penalty box, the sizzling Czech skate demon is racking up tabloid headlines for his scandalous behavior with the ladies. But now Roman’s feeling the burn from management to clean up his act, or else. Luckily he’s got an enticing distraction: a fun-loving barista who plays the ukulele and brings out a side of Roman he didn’t know he had.

Lexi Robertson came to Raleigh, North Carolina, to finally meet her father, Brian Brannon, and her half sister, Gray, both of whom work in the Cold Fury’s front office. That’s where she first meets sexy, intimidating Roman—who’s really a big softie at heart. As one relationship takes off, another begins: Brian seems to be clicking with Lexi’s boss at the coffee shop. But when the friction between Roman and her new family heats up, Lexi wonders whether she’s a pawn in their game. Feeling hurt and foolish, Lexi’s ready to quit while she’s ahead. Trouble is, Roman’s not ready to quit on her.

Sawyer Bennett is not an author I’m new to, but I am new to her Cold Fury series. I’m shocked I hadn’t heard of it before because I’m a big hockey romance fan. I’m so happy I got the chance to try out the series with the seventh book, Roman.

I flew through this book. I basically read it in one sitting. Everything about this story pulled me into it. The writing was so good! I loved the characters and the three different points of view involved. I was expecting Lexi and Roman’s point of views, but I wasn’t expecting Brian’s. Adding his perspective was the perfect touch.

Lexi was this free-spirited girl-woman. I say girl-woman because even though she was an adult, her ability to see the best in everything and go with her gut reminded me more a child than an adult. She was serious when she needed to be, but went where she felt called. I loved everything about her — especially her attraction and connection to Roman.

Roman was a tough shell to crack. He was a bad boy in everything except his relationship with Lexi. His tenderness with her was uncharacteristic. Lexi brought out a side of him he didn’t think he had. His self-discovery was sweet. Roman and Lexi balanced each other out in the best way possible.

Brian is Lexi’s newly found father. There were two things I really loved about his perspective. First, I loved knowing what he thought of Lexi and the bomb she dropped on him. Second, his second chance at love was adorable. Really adorable.

Roman was book 7 in Cold Fury series, but felt almost like a standalone novel. I enjoyed it without feeling like I was missing too much from previous books. Reading it did make want to go back and read the rest of the series, though. I would love to get to know each of the Cold Fury players.

Fans of hockey or sports romances would definitely appreciate Roman. It’s filled with fun hockey, sexy moments and incredible characters.