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I was tagged by the Orang-utan Librarian for The Amsterdam Book Tag. (Thank you!) I feel like I’m cheating a bit since I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I’ll get over it. 😉

Why Do We Have So Many Cheese Stores In One Street – A Cheesy Read.


I chose Sexy Lies and Rock & Roll because it has kind of a cheesy rock star plot. It was cute, but totally predictable.

Canal Parade – A Book that Celebrates The LGBT-Community.


I couldn’t pick just one. I had to pick both Him and Us because Jamie and Wes’ entire story is a celebration of the LGBT community.

Anne Frank House – A Book That Made you Cry.


I think I cried the entire last 1/3 of Bright Side. Such an amazing, touching book.

Museum Square – An Artsy Book.


I’m not sure if I’ve really read any “artsy” books, but Four Days would probably be closest to it. It’s a descriptive healing journey through New Zealand.

Pigeons, Pigeons Everywhere – An Annoying Character.


Bellini. If you’ve read Stroked you’ll understand why this reality star is on the top of my annoying list.

Red White Blue – Recreate The Dutch Flag Using Books.


And that’s my best attempt at the red, white and blue Dutch flag. (All amazing books, by the way!)

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