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No Falling Allowed
Series: No Kissing Allowed
Author: Melissa West
Publication Date: July 18, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

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My life just went South…

Twenty-four hours. That’s how long it took my life to flip upside down.

Wake up in bed alone after the best night of my life? Check.

Get fired instead of the promised promotion? Check.

Wealthy parents cut me off when I refuse to follow their path for my life? Check.

Now I’m in Cricket Creek, SC—a place where no New Yorker belongs—disowned and broke, with a new job that I can’t mess up. Oh yeah, and staring at my one-night stand, who happens to be the complete opposite of my type.




Noah Hunter never should have made it back to my apartment in NYC, and I definitely shouldn’t be in his small town. But fate had another plan. Or a horrible sense of humor.

Who knew Mr. Wrong could feel so right…



Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Melissa West has gained a new fan. No Falling Allowed was so much fun to read! I adored the fast-paced romance. It was filled with scorching chemistry and sweet moments.

I loved the way No Falling Allowed was written in dual points of view. I liked knowing what was going through Grace and Noah’s heads. The spark between them could be felt from the minute they came in contact with each other! It didn’t matter whether they were in bed or out of it. Everyone in town (including me!) could feel the heat from these two. They didn’t just have a physical connection, though. They could see past each other’s strong exteriors to the emotions underneath.

Grace’s character was exciting to see grow. She started out as a nice, but somewhat snooty rich girl. Losing everything had such a profound effect on her. It made her re-examine her life and how she wanted to live it. Grace finding her independence and inner strength was very cool.

Noah was the star of the show. I admired his willingness to do anything for his brother. He was one of the good guys. I definitely swooned over some of the stuff he said to Grace. And those moments in bed…Dang! He was good at directing things.

The one thing I found missing from the story was Noah’s parents’ story. I wish there would have been more information about them and what happened to them. Noah told Grace a little, but not enough. He knew way more about her than she did about him by the end of the story.

One warning I would give readers is that the story is filled with insta-lust and love. If those relationship tropes bug you, you might want to skip this book.

No Falling Allowed was an incredibly entertaining read filled with just the right amount of heat. I would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy light and fluffy contemporary romances. I’m looking forward to going back and reading the first book in the series.

Note: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



Scarlett followed my gaze and bit back a laugh. “Damn, that’s her? She’s pretty. Like, supermodel pretty.”

“I know.”

“You know?” She peered over at me, but I refused to meet her eyes. “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you give anybody a semblance of a compliment. How well do you know her?”

I shrugged, my thoughts drifting back to Grace’s legs wrapped around my waist, my lips on her neck. “We met when I was in New York.”


“And that’s it.”

“It doesn’t look like that’s it. Maybe I should just go ask her.” Scarlett started toward Grace, and I all but tripped over myself to stop her. She grinned knowingly. “You like her.”

“What? No, I don’t.” I scratched my jaw, then went to work on the next table.

“All right, so why aren’t you seating them? Lindy’s a friend, even if she’s probably still in love with you.”

“Good God, do you ever shut up?”

“I will. As soon as you go seat them.”

“What exactly do I pay you for if I’ve got to seat the guests and scrub the tables?”

Scarlett beamed back. “My charm.”

“I’d like a refund, thanks.”

“You’re seriously refusing to go seat them, aren’t you?”

I sighed heavily and set down the dish bin I’d been carrying. “Clean the rest of these tables.” Then I walked toward the door, each step making me feel both enthralled and nauseous. I needed this girl out of my head before the whole town figured out how gone I was over her.

“Hey. Two?” I asked, my eyes on Lindy, before jumping to Grace, and damn. Her green eyes pierced through me, and all logical thought went out the window. “How was your night?” I asked, because clearly I was an idiot who couldn’t control himself anymore.

“Good.” She fidgeted. “Yours?”


“I saw you outside this morning. Nice Jeep.”

My eyes lifted back to hers from where they’d drifted to the floor like it could somehow save me from this conversation. “I saw you, too.” She tilted her head a little and bit her bottom lip, drawing me there. Walk away, man. Please, for the love of God, walk away. But I couldn’t. That invisible force between us, the one that had drawn me to her that night in New York, now wrapped around me, locking me to the spot—locking me to her.


No Kissing Allowed (Book #1)


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No kissing. No touching. And definitely no falling in love…

Armed with her besties, an embarrassing number of shots, and her list of 10 Wild Things To Do Before Adulthood, recent grad Cameron Lawson is partying it up before she starts her dream job at New York’s biggest ad agency. Her last task? Hook up with a random guy. And while it’s so not her style, the super-sexy guy sitting next to her is definitely game. No names. No details.

At least, that was the plan.

On her first day of work, Cameron discovers her hook-up is none other than Aidan Truitt—her new boss’s boss. Talk about failing the “no fraternizing with coworkers” policy on an epic level. Especially when Aidan makes it clear their one night was only the beginning. Falling for him could cost her everything, but sometimes the only way to get what you want is by breaking a few rules…



Melissa West

Melissa West writes heartfelt Southern romance and YA sci-fi romance, all with lots of kissing. Because who doesn’t like kissing?. She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction.

Connect with Melissa at or on Twitter @MB_West.

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Release Day Blitz: The Aftermath by R.J. Prescott


The Aftermath
Author: R.J. Prescott
Series: The Hurricane, #2
On Sale: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Formats: Trade Paperback & eBook
Price: $14.99 USD (TP) / $3.99 USD (eBook)

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Prescott_The Aftermath_E-Book(1)

Now available in Trade Paperback!


Cormac “The Hurricane” O’Connell’s star is on the rise. Billed as the most promising young boxer of his generation, his new career is taking him to places he never dreamed. But O’Connell only needs one thing in life: his wife.

In her final year of college, Em cannot follow him around the world but together they make it work. Just when everything they ever wanted is on the horizon, the past resurfaces to haunt them, and O’Connell realizes that justice might not be a part of his happy ever after. He couldn’t protect Em once before, but in the aftermath of the hurricane, he will make sure that never happens again.


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

And the drama continues…

Beginning where The Hurricane left off (my review), Emily and O’Connell are trying to enjoy their new married life and forget their rough pasts. Their love for each other is fierce and O’Connell would do anything to keep Em safe and happy. It’s a tough job when Em’s past is still out there haunting them and O’Connell needs to train for a big fight. But O’Connell will do everything in his power to make sure Em’s demons are kept at bay.

I don’t think R.J. Prescott could have wrapped up Emily and O’Connell’s story in any other way. It was perfect.

I loved reading The Aftermath through O’Connell’s point of view. His feelings were so raw, loving and protective. With everything they went through, he had her back and she had his. It was also fun to get to be in his head when other guys just looked at Em.

We didn’t get to hear Em’s thoughts in this one, but I loved reading about her through O’Connell’s thoughts. She continued to gain strength and confidence through his love. I hurt for her past and was happy with the resolution she received.

I can’t wait to see what comes next for the Hurricane family. There’s so many great characters and I can’t wait to read their stories!


It never occurred to me that mail was something to fear. Not until the day I came home and found Em sat on the floor, her arms wrapped around her knees, and a ripped open white envelope on the bed behind her.

            “Sunshine, what’s wrong?” I asked. She swallowed hard and sniffed a few times like she was trying to hold back tears long enough to talk to me. I reached for the envelope, thinking it would give me some clue as to why she was so clearly freaked out.

            “Don’t,” Em croaked. “Please,” she added pleadingly. I knew then, as a tear rolled down her cheek, that whatever was inside had to be bad. Contained within a folded sheet of plain white paper were about a dozen or so photos. They were different sizes and all taken at different times, but Em was in every one of them. The earliest photo was of a smiling happy nine year old. Just a normal kid out riding her bike. When the next one showed the same kid, fast asleep in her bed, I felt sick to my fucking stomach. The older that Em was in the pictures, the more invasive they became and none of them looked like they were taken with her knowledge. The last photo was really grainy, like it had been through a window maybe, or within a really bad camera, but it showed in intimate detail, her frail, bruised body taking a shower.

            “Mother fucker,” I yelled, wanting to fucking hit something. Anything. I grabbed the envelope looking for some clue who’d sent it, like I didn’t fucking know. Frank was still in prison, pending trial, so someone on the outside must have sent this for him. The postmark on the envelope read London, which didn’t tell me much. The knuckles on Em’s hand were white where she gripping hold of her legs so hard.

            “Shit love. You okay?” I said, hating that she looked so fucking scared. She nodded unconvincingly, but didn’t answer. I gathered up the pictures and stuffed them back into the envelope, not wanting her to see them anymore, but I knew we’d need to give them to police as evidence. The idea of her being on display like that to the police and the prosecution lawyers was as bad as knowing what she’d been through. Sitting down next to her, I wrapped my arm around her tiny body and pulled her into my chest. She was stiff as a board and shaking slightly. Rubbing up and down her arms, trying to get her warm I waited for her to talk to me. That was the way of it sometimes with Sunshine. She needed to think shit over before she could get it off her chest.

            “I didn’t know about any of them. He’s been taking pictures of me for years. How could I not know? How could I let that happen?” she asked me.

            “You didn’t let anything happen. He’s a violent, abusive rapist who’s sick in the fucking head. He did what he did because he’s a fucking whack job. Nothing you said or did gave him permission to do this.” I could see by her face that the pictures shamed her. Fuck that. There wasn’t a single fucking thing for her to be ashamed of.

            “It was bad enough dealing with what happened, but he could have hundreds of these pictures and God only knows what he does with them. As if that’s not bad enough he knows where we live. Even in prison he can get to me. I’ll never be free of him will I?”

            “Sunshine, even if it means killing him, I swear he will never touch you again. This is just a sign of desperation. In a few more months he’ll be too concerned about how to pick up the soap in the shower without getting arse raped to worry about getting you back. He’s going away for a very long time and there’s fuck all he can do about it. This kind of shit just gives the barristers more ammunition against him.” I did my best to reassure her, but as I was as freaked out as she was. The fact that he could get hold of the pictures and post them from prison had me worried about what else he could do from the inside.

            She wiped her eyes and leant across to give me a quick kiss.

            “You’re right,” she told me. “A few more months and this will all be over.”  It had to be, because I hadn’t been exaggerating. If Frank came after her again, I’d kill to keep her safe.


The Hurricane Series

The Hurricane, #1
The Aftermath, #2

Series Page on Goodreads


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RJ Prescott_Photo Credit Vancy Duxbury

USA Today bestselling author R.J. Prescott was born in Cardiff, South Wales, and studied law at the University of Bristol, England. Four weeks before graduation she fell in love, and stayed. Ten years later, she convinced her crazy, wonderful firefighter husband to move back to Cardiff where they now live with their two equally crazy sons.






Release Blitz Review: A Fine Mess by Kelly Siskind

A Fine Mess Banner

A Fine Mess
Author: Kelly Siskind
Series: Over The Top, #2
On Sale: August 2, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Format: eBook
Price: $3.99 USD

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Some guys should come with a warning label…

Sawyer West is Mr. One-Night Stand. He doesn’t do relationships or promises or feelings. He’s never cared enough to get involved. Until Lily Roberts. She’s sweet and shy and sexy as sin, and resisting her is testing his self-control. She believes Sawyer can be a better man, and for the first time in his life, he wants to be. But change isn’t easy, and Sawyer would do anything to protect Lily from his past self. Even break his own heart…


Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Kelly Siskind is one of my newest favorite authors of the year. After reading the first book in the Over the Top series, My Perfect Mistake, I was instantly a fan. I love her writing style and humor. I was super excited for the chance to be part of the blog tour for the second book in the series, A Fine Mess.

A Fine Mess was another witty, sex romance like My Perfect Mistake. It was also something more. The story went a little deeper this time. It delved into issues I didn’t expect. I knew there would be a love triangle for Lily, with her attraction to Sawyer and fear of giving up her long-time boyfriend, Kevin. I just didn’t realize Lily’s backstory would be deeper than her relationship with Kevin. Kelly Siskind did a wonderful job with Lily and her issues. She really made them relatable and understandable. They way Lily accepted her past, dealt with it and made the changes she needed to move forward was inspiring.

Sawyer was definitely swoonworthy. His support of Lily was so sweet. Although, he was pretty stupid when it came to his own issues. I wanted to throttle him a couple of times, but he totally made up for being hard-headed in the end.

Lilly and Sawyer’s romance wasn’t just all about their personal growth, though. It was also about their connection and chemistry. They could read each other beautifully and that carried over to their time between the sheets. Their comfort with each other combined with the nine months spent pining for each other made for some extremely hot sexy times.

I truly loved A Fine Mess. It was a beautifully written romance. There was just the right amount of humor, turmoil and depth. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a must-read for romance readers. I would highly suggest this book and the rest of the Over the Top series. I can’t wait to find out what’s up next in the next book for Raven and Nico!


She holds up her new treasure. “Found a good one.” The blue stone in the center of the ring catches the light of a nearby lamp, the thick band decorated with filigree.

“Okay,” I say. “You first.”

She swallows and peeks at me from below her lashes. “There was this man.” Another swallow. “He was a soldier about to be shipped off to war.” She scrapes her teeth over her bottom lip. “He bought this ring but didn’t propose to his girl before he left. He was afraid. He didn’t think he’d do right by her. But he held on to it during every battle, and every horrible night. When he got home and realized he was being foolish”—she looks at me with glassy eyes—“the girl had fallen for someone else.”

Single Lily fights dirty.

My pulse kicks up a notch as I approach her. I stop a foot away and hold out my hand. “The ring, please.”

Trembling slightly, she places it in my palm, her fingers grazing my skin.

“A man,” I say, turning the band over, “proposed to the girl of his dreams with this ring.” I step closer. “He worshipped her. I mean, she was hot as fuck”—eye roll numero cinco—“but they were meant to be, like real soul mates. Then the unthinkable happened.” I shift my feet until there’s barely an inch between us.

Self-control at DEFCON 2.

“What happened?” she whispers.

I grin. “A car fell on her. Freak accident. Dropped from the second story of a parking garage. Nasty mess.” I grab her hand and place the ring on her finger as she mumbles something about my maturity. I knock her toe with mine. “Quiet. I’m not done.” Numero seis. I clear my throat. “Although the man loved his wife more than anything, he pawned the ring. He knew it was special. He hoped the next person to buy it could be as lucky in love as he was.”

That stops the eye rolls.

She looks at the ring, then at me, then back and forth again.

Her lips part. Her chest rises.

Sirens ring: DEFCON 1.

I’m a thrill seeker. Cliff jumping, fast cars, steep slopes—you name it, I love it. The adrenaline rush gives me Spidey-sense, and my pulse shoots from one hundred to 220 in ten seconds flat.

Leaning in to kiss Lily is like skydiving without a chute.

I don’t give her time to turn me down, not a moment for either of us to overthink. Heart in my throat, I taste her lips. Yep, strawberry. She’s soft and tentative, then eager, a whimper escaping when our tongues swipe. I grip her harder and walk until I have her pressed against a table. She tugs my hair. I grab her ass. The next whimper is louder, the sound shredding what’s left of my self-control. I need to hear what other sounds she makes, need to hear her fall apart. Will she chant my name or pray to her maker? Will she scream or groan? Our mouths move faster, hands greedier, my jeans barely containing me. If I don’t stop soon, we’ll be giving these antiques enough stories for another century.

By the time I pull away, she’s swallowed my heart.

Over The Top Series


My Perfect Mistake, #1
A Fine Mess, #2

Series page on Goodreads


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Kelly Siskind CREDIT Eirik Dunlop

A small-town girl at heart, Kelly moved from the city to open a cheese shop with her husband in Northern Ontario. When she’s not neck deep in cheese or out hiking, you can find her, notepad in hand, scribbling down one of the many plot bunnies bouncing around in her head.

She laughs at her own jokes and has been known to eat her feelings-Gummy Bears heal all. She’s also an incurable romantic, devouring romance novels into the wee hours of the morning.






Blog Tour: Mettle by J.C. Valentine

METTLE Tour Banner


by J.C. Valentine
Spartan Riders, #2
Publication Date: July 26, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, MC Romance

METTLE cover


Synopsis: Talia McKinnon said goodbye to love the day she signed the divorce papers and moved across the country looking for a fresh start. With work occupying her days and nights, a relationship is the last thing on her mind, until a run-in with a hot-as-Hades, leather clad biker changes her mind. He’s everything she shouldn’t want but has to have. The problem is, he’s not that easy to catch.

Tucker “Country” Abrams believes in two things: brotherhood and women. He takes his job seriously and his women hard, but at the end of the day, the only loyalty he has is to his club. So when a night with a beautiful stranger threatens to change everything, he’s quick to apply the brakes. But when a little detective work reveals that Talia may be much more than a one-night stand, Tucker is tasked with an impossible decision. Will he push her away, or go against every instinct he has and pull her closer?



Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

In Mettle, we return to J.C. Valentine’s Spartan Riders MC world. This time, it’s “Country” who is taking us for a ride.

Tucker “Country” Abrams is a love ’em and leave ’em type of guy. He’s always known the whole marriage and kids thing wasn’t for him. He doesn’t even like the bunnies to stay the night. Tucker’s loyalty has always been and always will be to the Spartan Riders. Or it was until a sultry, little blonde walked into the bar.

The last thing Talia McKinnon was looking for when transfer jobs across country was love. Any chances Talia had at that were ruined by her ex-husband. But when her new job presents the chance to get down and dirty with a sexy-as-sin biker, Talia jumps at the chance. Why not mix work with pleasure, if doing so will satisfy all of her needs?

While Tucker and his brother’s are trying to get a step ahead in a dangerous game, Talia is searching for answers to a mystery she needs to uncover. Can their new relationship survive the jobs they’re determined to do?

Just like the first book in the Spartan Riders series, Mettle was an intense, sexy ride. The suspense kept me on edge almost the entire time. I knew that once Tucker found out the truth behind Talia’s job, things were going to get tense. I never imagine the entire story would have me in a state of anticipation! There were other twist and turns I didn’t see coming. I was completely surprised a couple of times while reading.

Mettle wasn’t just all suspense, though. There was another kind of tension at play, too. Sexual tension. The sexual connection between Talia and Tucker was very carnal and a little bit kinky. I was definitely fanning myself! There was also a sweet side to their relationship. Both had feelings for each other quickly that went deeper. Neither of them was willing to admit that their relationship went anything beyond the physical for a while, but I loved the way they both were secretly falling for each other. I enjoyed the comfortable way they were with each other.

I would highly recommend  Mettle to readers who enjoy MC romances or the Romantic Suspense genre. It was definitely filled with several steamy scenes and a whole lot of action. I would suggest reading the first Spartan Riders novel, GRIT, before reading Mettle, though; it sets up a major part of this story.

**I received an ARC from IndieSage Promotions in exchange for an unbiased review.

METTLE 3d single


Tucker was frowning. “So you don’t want to…”

“No! No, I do. I definitely do.” She patted the air. Realized she looked like a crazy person and pressed herself against him instead. Up close, she could see the golden flecks in his caramel colored eyes, along with shots of pale green, like a starburst. “What I meant to say was let’s get things started.”

“So eager.” Looping his arm around her waist, Tucker pulled her in tighter, allowing her to feel his erection pressing against her navel. “I like it. Where’s the bedroom? Unless you prefer the couch? Or maybe the counter? I’m totally flexible.”

So many options. Unfortunately, the only place Talia could be certain the cameras weren’t watching was the bedroom. She pointed in its direction. “Through there.”

Grinning like a cat with a bowl of milk, Tucker carried the water bottles in one hand and held hers in the other.

Her room was just as expensively outfitted as the rest of the apartment when it came to the cost of materials and the level of quality of the furniture, but when it came to style, it was much more subdued than the rest of the place.

The difference was that it was Talia’s personal space and the one place she could retreat to truly relax. She’d read somewhere that the bedroom should be treated as a sanctuary in order to foster a calm mind and help reduce everyday stressors, which would lead to good sleep and all around better frame of mind.

Since she always got a full eight hours and could honestly say that her tension eased the minute her toes sunk into the carpet, she had to believe there was something to it.

A Ficus stood proud between three bay windows, surrounded by two club chairs that she alternated between using for reading and to prop her feet on. The bed was a standard queen with an antique iron frame that’d been painted white and then destressed in places to expose the ironwork underneath. The predominate color in the room was Robin’s egg blue with spots of yellow and touches of red sprinkled here and there to create pops of color.

It was a no-fuss space that always made her feel at home in a place that was far from it. Just another way that her job was different from everyone else’s: whereas most people worked an eight-hour shift and called it a day, she literally lived her job most days, so she rarely got to leave work behind at the end of the day. It was a reality that rarely bothered her, but when the occasion did arise, it was a struggle to remind herself why she’d chosen the profession and how much she enjoyed it.

“I like your style,” Tuck praised as he took the lead, heading straight for the bed with her in tow. “It’s surprisingly masculine.”

He was referring to the choice of furniture: bulky dark grain woods mixed with metalwork and plain beige fabrics. Very basic, very streamline. No doubt, the women he usually spent his time with were all about the usual pink and floral with ruffles routine girls were taught to like. Bleh. She had never been the type to conform to societal norms.

“Thanks.” She wished she could say that she’d decorated it herself, but that would be a lie, and given the way he seemed to look straight through her most of the time, she wasn’t even going to go there.

“Okay, so how do you want to do this?” he asked. Setting the bottles down on the side table, taking care to use the coasters she kept in every room, he turned to face her.

“I’m not sure what you mean.” How to do what? Whatever it was, she knew he couldn’t be talking about sex, because he definitely knew his way around that.

“Sex,” he said, shooting that theory down. “It’s your place, so you have first dibs. Top, bottom, side, or standing. Or, if you really want to get crazy, Cricket told me about this one time where he had one of the bunnies stand on her head and put her legs on his shoulders while he—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Talia yelled over top of him. “This is so not something I want to hear.”

“Sorry, yeah. I said the same thing, but some things you can’t unhear, and that? That was pretty damn interesting, so I’ll admit that I filed some of it away for later use. So if you’re feeling adventurous, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to hook you up.”

He winked. She may have swooned a little. “Yeah, sure, okay, I’ll definitely do that.” She rolled her eyes, hoping her disinterested huff was convincing. Sex while standing on your head? How did that work?

There was so much she didn’t know, so much she had yet to learn. It seemed that Tucker was determined to see to it that he fixed that problem posthaste. It was a good feeling, being wanted. Desired. During the last months of her marriage, Brock had made it a point to beat her confidence down, drilling it in that she wasn’t a good wife. She never cooked or cleaned to his standards, didn’t dress sexy enough or maintain herself as he wanted. In his eyes, she had never been woman enough for him, too independent, too focused on work and not enough on him. In hindsight, she wasn’t even sure why she’d married him in the first place. With her job, they were often separated for weeks at a time, and when they were together, they were always butting heads. Eventually, though, she’d come to her senses and realized that, despite what she did for a living, she wasn’t the problem. He knew what he was getting into when he married her and no matter what, she didn’t deserve the abuse. So, after telling him that he wasn’t man enough for her, she left without a backward glance.

Just because she was the one who left didn’t mean that it didn’t still hurt, though. Sometimes, like now, when she thought on it too long, it struck a chord deep in her that seemed to hum through her every fiber, leaving her feeling the lowest of the low.

But now she had Tucker, who made her feel like every woman in those romance books he read about. Did he learn a thing or two from them? Hell yes. She’d experienced it at his place, and now she was about to experience it again.

Stepping into his personal space, she slid her arms around his shoulders and smiled up into his face. “I’d like to start out on top, and then we’ll go from there.”

“Handstand sex?” he asked hopefully.

Her head fell back, the hangover now reduced to a dull ache, and she laughed. “Maybe.”

“I’ll take it.”

Absorbing the light in his eyes, the pure joy in his smile, and the euphoric feeling he gave her every time he looked at her like that, Talia thanked her lucky stars that she’d been assigned to the case she had…then wondered what she’d do with herself once it was all over.

But she didn’t want to think about all that now. Right now, all she wanted to do was get lost in the man in front of her and the untold pleasures he would bring.

Rising onto her toes, she whispered against his lips, “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being you. The last guy in my life wasn’t so nice.”

Tucker’s jaw clenched. “Then it’ll be my pleasure to erase him from your memory.”

METTLE 3d single


GRIT Cover


Synopsis: Gabby Morgan isn’t looking for love. Not even a little romance. Following a rocky past that she’d just as soon forget, she’s determined to focus on the future. One that most certainly doesn’t involve the tough-as-nails, short-on-words, hot-as-hell biker…or his kid.

Blake Mahone may not be done with women, but he’s finished with relationships. Then Gabby Morgan enters the picture. She’s flawless, refined, and as his kid’s teacher, way out of his league. She acts like she hates him, but her eyes tell a different story. Before he knows it, Blake finds himself hot for teacher, and he’s more than ready to learn all her secrets. Now all he has to do is convince her to give him a shot…without getting them both killed in the process.

Grit Teaser 2


JC Valentine

J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Series. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn’t sorry.

J.C. earned her own happily ever after when she married her high school sweetheart. Living in the Northwest, they have three amazing children and far too many pets and spend much of their free time together enjoying movies or the outdoors. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor’s in English and when she isn’t writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

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