Review: Glens Falls: Book 2 by Malynda Schlegel

Glens Falls: Book 2
Glens Falls, #2
Author: Malynda Schlegel
Publication Date: June 11, 2016
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


“…we’re all longing for something, whether we know what it is or we have yet to figure it out…we should just throw ourselves into it…and find out.”

“I want something serious, man. I want love and everything that comes with that.”

“I don’t even really know who I am. What kind of person do I really want to be?”

“You’re my first choice. I’d choose you if you said you wanted this with me.”

“Feelings are out of our control. They make us do stupid things, things we end up regretting.”

“I know my son…but I don’t really know my daughter.”

“I wanted to make it seem like I did something great, because I don’t do a lot of great things.”

“Let’s get married.”

“What has to happen for you to start worrying?”
“He dies.”

“I like the way I feel when I jump. I like the rush. I feel free from everything.”

“I never wanted to tell you, but it’s the right thing to do. You deserve the truth.”

“I want you to help me find my father.”

“Relationships fall apart all the time, because one or both stop trying to hold it together.”

“I know you’re playing games, and I’m gonna find out who the hell you are.”

“Our life as we know it is ending.”
“It’s beginning.”

***This series must be read in order.

It’s hard to tell what Glens Falls: Book Two is about by simply reading the synopsis, so let me tell you a little about this series. In Glens Falls: Book One (review here), we met the Amherst family and their friends. Their stories and struggles are revealed slowly throughout the book in snippets. Each chapter includes more than one character’s point of view. This creates a soap opera-like reveal of the story. The story continues in Glens Falls: Book Two where book one left off. In order to understand the storylines of the characters, reading the first book is a must.

Glens Falls: Book Two was a more enjoyable read for me than the first book. I found myself more amused by the characters and their storylines. There were a ton of surprises in store for them. It was fun to see all of the relationships develop throughout this book. I still couldn’t stand Alexia’s standoff-ish personality or Breanne and her mom, but I found myself liking Travis and Connor more. Wesley was probably still my favorite character because I was intrigued by his story in the first book.

I would continue to recommend this book and series to readers who enjoy dramatic books with interconnected characters and plots. It truly is like watching a soap opera unfold.

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