Review: Remi’s Choice by Amanda Wylde

Remi’s Choice
The De Luca Boys, #1
Author: Amanda Wylde (Elizabeth Reyes)
Publication Date: June 10, 2016
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


Sinfully sexy Travis De Luca came into Remi’s life when she01
was young, inexperienced, and easily dazzled. With his
scandalous words and wickedly sexy grins, he possessed a power no one should have over another. He was a foul-mouthed, trouble-making thug to everyone else, but she’d witnessed the vulnerable side he hid so well. After one earth- shattering experience and his declaration of love, her body and soul were hooked.

When Travis is sent away without warning, Kristiano De Luca—his equally sexy cousin—comes into Remi’s life as a friend when she needs one most. After years with no word and waiting for Travis to come back, she loses hope, and the friendship she’s built with Kris grows into something beautiful that fills the void Travis left behind.

But a surprise return from Travis and one passionate night
with him throw all their lives into chaos, and nothing will
ever be the same again.

Author’s note to reader: Imagine two heroes with your all time favorite qualities. Hot, bad boy, tattoos, dirty mouths, hot head alpha to a fault and possessive as ALL hell. Both going for the same girl!

When I received an email from Elizabeth Reyes saying she had released a “secret” book under a pen name I was super excited to read it. I’ve always loved Ms. Reyes’ books. She creates sexy alpha males and strong, independent women. Her books have always been super steamy, so when she said this new series was too out of her comfort zone to release as herself I had to find out why!

In Remi’s Choice, an eighteen-year-old Remi can’t help the attraction she feels for bad boy Travis. She knows she should stay away, but his advances continually tempt her. When Remi finally gives in to her body’s needs, she finds an emotional connection with Travis that she never expected. She’s all set to take things to the next level with him when he’s sent away. Remi tries to keep in contact with Travis, but he never responds.

Remi is trying to put her heart back together when Travis’ older cousin, Kris, moves to town. Remi and Kris quickly become friends. Their friendship grows into something more over the years. Remi thinks she’s finally found the one to take Travis’ place in heart.

But then Travis shows up unexpectedly in town. Remi’s not sure what she feels about his return. She knows she’s angry with him, but she can’t deny the connection she once felt is back after they give into the passion. Remi has a choice to make. Should she give her heart to the boy who broke it or the man who helped rebuild it?

Remi’s Choice was as well-written as Reyes’ other works, but it was definitely more erotic! She took the sex scenes to all new level in this one. They were so HOT!

Remi was a sweet girl who truly didn’t want to hurt anyone. She always tried to do what was right, but her feelings sometimes got in the way. She was in a tough position. Not only was Remi part of a love triangle, but one between cousins. Her choice was going to destroy a relationship no matter what.

Travis may have been a bad boy, but there was good inside of him. He tried his best to be the man he should. I appreciated what he was trying to do for himself, Remi and his family, but his decisions sucked. I loved his sexual aggressiveness but found it to be more intense than I expected from such a young man.

Kris was a nice guy. He didn’t deserve to be in the middle of a love triangle. Kris really cared for Remi and did right by her. Their sexual chemistry was also hot.

The love triangle between Travis, Remi and Kris added so much tension. There were times I had to put the book down because I was nervous for the characters! I didn’t want anyone to end up hurt. But, obviously, someone wasn’t going to be happy at the end. I didn’t always agree with the decisions the characters made, but it wouldn’t have been such a scandalous story without them!

Remi’s Choice was a messed up love story filled with so many deep emotions. I guess I would say it had a happy ending — as happy as it can get with a love triangle. I truly enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to romance readers who don’t mind foul language, scorching sex scenes with different partners and cheating.

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