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Thank you to Joey @ Thoughts and After Thoughts for tagging me for the Nostalgic Book Review Tag. The Nostalgic Book Review Tag was created by CW @ Read, Think, Ponder with the premise of reviewing a book you’ve read three or more years ago

Part 1: The Summary

First, (without looking it up) tell us a little bit about this book, and approximately when you read it. Write a summary (brief, long, anything you like!) of the book you are reviewing.

I’m going to pick The Memory of Water by Karen White. I’m not sure when exactly I read it. It was in 2011 after I had picked up Karen White’s The Beach Trees at Borders. I loved hanging out at the Borders in Puyallup while my mom watched my daughter so I could have some “me time.” I still miss that place. But anyways. I digress. I loved The Beach Trees and had decided to read Karen White’s backlist.


The Memory of Water is a story about a young woman returning to her childhood home. He father is ill and she moves home to be with him and help her sister. Being home dredges up old memories of the night her mother died. She goes on a quest to find out what happened that fateful night on the water.


I have no idea what the names are in this book! Ugh! I feel horrible about that. I do know there’s a woman, her sister and a dad.

Part 2: My thoughts

Share your thoughts on your chosen book. Reflect and talk about what you thought of the book back then.

It’s been a long time since I read this book, but I loved it. For anyone that hasn’t read a book by Karen White, I’ll tell you what you’re missing. Karen White does an amazing job of mixing past, present, multiple points of view, romance and mystery in the beautifully described South. The mysteries are my favorite part of her novels. She knows how to dole out clues little by little and keep me interested. The Memory of Water is my second favorite Karen White novel after The Beach Trees.

Part 3: The Epilogue

Here’s the fun part: now you can look up a summary of the book – find all those names that you couldn’t remember, those plot points that seemed pretty important – and all those things you might have forgotten. Don’t go back and edit the summary from the first part!

Synopsis courtesy of Goodreads: 

On the night their mother drowns, sisters Marnie and Diana Maitland discover there is more than one kind of death. There is the death of innocence, of love, and of hope. Each sister harbors a secret about that night-secrets that will erode their lives as they grow into adulthood.

After ten years of silence between the sisters, Marnie is called back to the South Carolina Lowcountry by Diana’s ex-husband, Quinn. His young son has returned from a sailing trip with his emotionally unstable mother, and he is refusing to speak. In order to help the traumatized boy, Marnie must reopen old wounds and bring the darkest memories of their past to the surface. And she must confront Diana, before they all go under.

Okay, so there wasn’t a dad. Well, I think there might have been. I swear there was. (Can anyone confirm this for me?) But I was right about the sisters trying to find out what really happened that night their mom died. All I truly know is that I loved it because of the writing and the mystery. If you haven’t tried a Karen White novel, definitely try this one or The Beach Trees.

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