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I was nominated by Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts for The Sunshine Blogger Award. (Thanks, Joey!)

Basically, I answer Joey’s questions, tag some friendly bloggers and then they answer my questions. Fun, right? Here it goes!

My answers to Joey’s questions:

1. If you’re in an epic fantasy, what does your warcry sound like before battle? (Spell it out!) 


2. Who is a villain you despise? Now imagine that your child looks up to this villain. How do you handle it? 

I’m drawing a blank at anything I’ve read lately with a villain, so I’m going to choose those evil vampires in Twilight. Lol. I think I’d have to send my child to counseling or something.

3. You’re a bartender; concoct a drink with 3+ book titles in the name.

Tamed – Wild Reckless – Prude

4. What is one book cover (minus text on it) do you think could fit another book. This could totally be the cover for E.L. James’ Grey.

5. What’s a song you feel best fits a book hangover?

I don’t know if there is a specific song that best fits a book hangover for me. I guess it’s just whatever I’m into at the moment. Lately, it’s been Ed Sheeran’s Photograph, Sam Hunt’s House Party or Yellow Claw’s Till it Hurts.

6. You’re on commute surrounded by readers. You notice that some have cracked spines, others dog-ear their pages, a few annotate it. How do you feel?

I honestly don’t care. They’re not my books, so oh well. At least they’re reading!

7. Would you rather read the page at 25% or 75% (a play on first/last).

75%, I think.

8. Blogging-related. How do you find new inspiration?

I think I’m inspired by authors and books I love. I keep finding new ones to enjoy and I want to share them with others.

9. Your ideal book-significant other (i.e. boyfriend/girlfriend) ends up being together with one of your friends. Your reaction?

Well, since I’m married, I’m happy for them. Probably a little jealous, but I’ve got my perfect match so I’m happy with that.

10. Of all the books on your shelves, which book would you hide something in (you can think about carving the pages out or not)?

I don’t think I should answer this one. What if you were to break into my house and find what I’m hiding? Lol.

11. Complete the phrases: “Reading is…”, “Blogging is…”, “[The] Community is…”

Reading is my favorite escape.

Blogging is so addicting!

The Community is amazing and supportive.

I tag:

Becca @ Becca and Books

Head in the Clouds, Heart in the Books

Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard

Skylee @ The Night Girl

Kelly @ Here’s to Happy Endings

My questions:

  1. What is your favorite award or meme you have been tagged with since starting your blog?
  2. What is your favorite hobby other than reading?
  3. What book character has moved you or influenced you the most?
  4. If you could write a sequel to one of your favorite books, which book would it be and what title would you give it?
  5. Who is your newest favorite author?
  6. If you could have any pet, what would it be and what would you name it?
  7. Unicorns or dragons? Why?
  8. What is your least favorite genre to read?
  9. How much do you read per week or how many book?
  10. If you were to read one biography/memoir this year, whose would it be? (Can be a real book or one you wish would be written.)

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