Tales of a Book Bag: Kauai, Hawaii


Tunnels Beach, Kauai

The final trip my book bag took this summer was to Kauai. It was the first time in almost 10 years that my family took a “big” vacation. We went with two other families. It was hot, humid, beautiful and a ton of fun. I managed to get a little reading done on my trip between the beach and the pool. ūüėČ

Sunrise in Kapa'a

Sunrise in Kapa’a

We were able to visit several different beaches: Tunnels Beach, Rock Quarry Beach, Hideaway Beach, Poipu Beach Park, Lydgate Beach Park, Lumahai Beach and Hanalei Bay. Each was beautiful in its own way. My favorite beach was Rock Quarry Beach. It had a river that meets up with the ocean. The area where they combined made a nice little pool to hang out in. It was also very beautiful.

Hideaway Beach, Princeville

Hideaway Beach, Princeville

Hideaway Beach in Princeville was also a favorite, but the hike down to it was pretty sketchy. Actually, the hike up was worse than down. ¬†It’s very steep with a system of handrails and ropes to guide you up and down. There were also a ton of mosquitoes hiding in the shade. But it was easy to snorkel and find fish there.


Lumahai Beach

At Lumahai Beach, you can jump off tall rocks into a pool of water The ocean waves sweep you back to shore. Both my husband and daughter tried this. I was too chicken.There is also a small pool of water on the rocks to wade in. It’s the perfect size for small kids.

We didn’t actually visit the Kilauea Lighthouse, but we did stop to take some pretty pictures of it on our way back from Hideaway Beach.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse

One of my favorite days in Kauai was spent with just my little family. We drove south from where we staying in Kapa’a and stopped to visit a couple of waterfalls and have lunch in Poipu. It was fun to hear my daughter’s exclamations over the beauty she saw.

It was a very fun vacation. I know my book bag enjoyed it. ūüėČ I hope you enjoy the pictures from Kauai. I’m hoping to have more Tales of a Book Bag posts this winter when the weather changes and there are new sites to see!

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls

Check out all of the other places my book bag has been this summer:

Banks Lake, WA

Rimrock Lake, WA

Lake Tapps, WA

Tales of a Book Bag: Lake Tapps, WA

A view of Mt. Rainier from Lake Tapps, WA.

A view of Mt. Rainier from Lake Tapps, WA.

Last weekend, my book bag and I¬†went boating with some friends on Lake Tapps. Lake Tapps is located in Pierce County, Washington. The lake is a reservoir that was created in 1911 by Puget Sound Energy. It was used for power production until 2004. It’s now owned by Cascade Water Alliance.

Lake Tapps is drained in the winter and refilled in the spring. There is a diversion dam¬†on the White River that routes water into Lake Tapps. Normally, the lake is filled well before summer. This year, they drained the lake even further to do some repairs. With the current drought conditions, it took longer to refill the lake. It wasn’t open for boating¬†until July.

20150807_181708[1]This was our first trip to Lake Tapps this summer. It was a beautiful summer day. The lake was pretty empty of other boats. Since Lake Tapps is so close to where I live, my book bag was pretty empty.

Tales of a Book Bag: Rimrock Lake, WA


A couple of weeks ago, I started my new blog feature, Tales of a Book Bag. Tales of a Book Bag is a quick look at places my book bag has been.


Last weekend, my book bag took another fun camping/boating trip. This time it was to Rimrock Lake. Rimrock Lake is in the Wenatchee National Forest, on U.S. Hwy 12 about 10 miles from White Pass. It’s a man-made lake that was formed¬†when the Tieton Dam was built on the Tieton River to provide irrigation to the Yakima Valley.


Rimrock Lake is one of my favorite places to camp. It’s simply beautiful. We camp at The Rimrock Lake Resort. It’s quiet, clean, well kept and has free showers. There are both tent and RV sites and a dock you can rent slips in to tie up your boat. Our kids love the swim area. ¬†It’s perfect for bringing your floaties and lounging in the water.


If you’re into camping, boating or fishing in Washington, I would highly suggest planning a trip to Rimrock Lake. It’s about two and half hours from Seattle. The drive is beautiful and goes quickly.

Tales of a Book Bag: Banks Lake, WA


Okay. So I have to admit, even my vacations are filled with thoughts of books. My Fourth of July holiday was spent camping with friends at the incredibly beautiful Banks Lake. We beat the 100+ degree heat by spending most of our days boating. While we were out on the boat, I was thinking about what I could post from my vacation that would be book related. I looked up and there was my book bag. I was thinking it would be cool to post a picture of my bag at all the places I visit this summer.

Now, my book bag does not just haul books. It ends up toting a ton of different stuff when I go on vacation. On the 4 hour plus drive to and from Banks Lake it held my Kindle, wallet, snacks, chapstick, my car charger, etc. It was right next to my seat the entire ride. Once we were camping, it became my boat bag. The poor thing was overstuffed with sunblock, sunglasses, a cover up, snacks, water bottles, hats, my wallet and phone. Sadly, it didn’t have a book in it. It would have just been too awkward and rude to read while my friends were enjoying the water. Plus, I wanted to enjoy the water, too!

20150703_121801-01[1] 20150702_130004[1]

Nights at camp should have been spent in front of the camp fire, but with the heat and a huge mosquito problem it was spent avoiding the great outdoors. I was actually able to get some reading in before bed. I read¬†Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. That was a good thing, since it had to be returned to the library when I got home. You’ll be seeing a review for it tomorrow.

Where was the last place your book bag visited? Let me know in the comments!

(Oh, and I must thank my wonderful sister, Amie, for the awesome book bag. What a great birthday gift for a book lover!)