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Review: Sweet Possession by J. Daniels

Sweet Possession
Series: Sweet Addiction, #2
Author: J. Daniels
Publication Date: September 19, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


A sassy, in-your-face baker. A panty-stealing, dirty-talking accountant. And a bathroom quickie that changed their lives forever.

Wedding hook-ups never amount to anything.

Unless that hook-up knocks you on your ass.

For Dylan Sparks and Reese Carroll, the big day can’t arrive soon enough. Dylan, stressed to the max from overbearing mothers and last-minute preparations, struggles to keep her sanity. As for Reese, he’s fighting to not only keep his bride-to-be safe from creepy investors, but also to make it to the actual wedding day without losing his mind in the process.

Throw in a crazy group of friends, and a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend getaway, and you have a recipe for the sweetest wedding of the year.

Reese Carroll and Dylan Sparks cordially invite you to read Sweet Possession.

***Author’s Note*** Sweet Addiction should be read prior to Sweet Possession.

Immediately upon finishing Sweet Addiction, I knew I had to jump right into Sweet Possession. I loved Dylan and Reese so much in that first book ,and I wanted more of their story.

In Sweet Possession, Dylan and Reese are days away from their wedding. They’re busy counting down the days by finishing up last minutes preparations for their wedding. Everything is going smoothly (unless you count their meddling mothers) until drama starts to unfold after their bachelor/bachelorette parties.

While Sweet Possession wasn’t quite as amazing as Sweet Addiction, it was still very good. I loved being back with some of my favorite characters and getting to experience their relationships again. Sweet Possession was filled with just as much fun and just as many sensual moments as the first book, but it just got a little too crazy for me at times. That’s my only complaint. Otherwise, I adored this sequel. I think fans of this series will, too.

Review: Falling for the Player by Jessica Lee

Falling for the Player
Author: Jessica Lee
Publication Date: January 16, 2017
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Genre: New Adult, Sports Romance, Contemporary, GLBT
Note: I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Bad boy and former NFL running back Patrick Guinness is tired of meaningless sex. Ever since his scorching hot one-night stand three years ago, no one has interested him. So when Max Segreti wanders into his mechanic shop—and his life again—Patrick can’t stop thinking about the totally-out-of-his-league law grad and the possibility of getting him out of his system once and for all…
Max Segreti has spent his entire life doing what his father wants. But when he runs into the hotter-than-hell player he’s never been able to forget, he’s not thinking about studying for the bar. A distraction is the last thing he needs, but after an encounter leaves him wanting more, Max embraces the chaos that Patrick brings…even as he knows it can’t last. They’re too different to ever have a future together.

I am not a reader who DNF’s books very often, but I’m sad to say I did just that with Falling for the Player. I feel really bad about it because I feel like I should be reviewing the entire book not just what I read of it, but it’s just not possible with Falling for the Player. I’m not trying to trash this book. The writing had potential and so did the storyline. There were just too many big things that did not allow me to enjoy this book.

Falling for the Player was written in third person. This caused the majority of my problems. First, it felt like I was being told what was happening instead of experiencing it through the characters eyes. Second, I had a hard time switching back and forth between characters. There was no notice of when points of view were changing. The two main characters were both male and they sounded too similar. Their very different personalities didn’t even help much.

Another problem I had was that I couldn’t connect with the characters. I didn’t get why they were so into each other. I never really felt their connection beyond the television shows they both liked. There was potential for a great connection in that first chapter, but I felt the author ended it by cutting off the chapter abruptly before it was made. There didn’t seem to be much more than a sexual attraction between them from that point on.

The final straw for me was the anger and aggression from Patrick. It didn’t make sense to me. It made him seem crazy. I got that there were major differences in lifestyles between them, but the attitude he had toward Max wasn’t justified. It was off-putting. I had no desire to read any further. I ended my reading of this book at 36%.

Review: Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

29341925Sweet Addiction
Series: Sweet Addiction, #1
Author: J. Daniels
Publication Date: May 2, 2014
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Wedding hookups never amount to anything.

Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There’s no expectation of a relationship. It is what it is.

Dylan Sparks knows the rules. She’s familiar with the protocol. And she engages in the best sex of her life with a complete stranger at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Reese Carroll doesn’t care about the rules. He wants more than just one night with Dylan.

And Dylan finds him too addicting to pass up.

Sweet Addiction is the story of one woman’s struggle to keep things casual, and one man’s desire to never let her go.

I’ve been in a mood lately for humorous romances, so I’ve been quickly binge reading J. Daniels’ books. I can’t help myself. Her writing is just so incredibly sexy and witty. I can’t seem to put her books down. Sweet Addiction was no different.

Sweet Addiction is the story of a wedding hookup gone wrong. Or maybe it’s right. Dylan knows a hookup is just a hookup. That’s what it has to be — even if it was the best sex of her life. So after she and hunky Reese hit it in the wedding reception bathroom, she knows that’s the end of their time together. But Reese has other ideas, and he is willing to do anything and everything to make Dylan his.

I absolutely loved Sweet Addiction. It was J. Daniels writing at its best. The dialog was super witty and the sex was off the charts hot. Normally, I like my romances told in dual point of view, but just having Dylan’s first person perspective in this one worked so well. I didn’t even notice Reese’s point of view wasn’t there. I knew what he was thinking simply by Dylan’s experiences.

Dylan and Reese were amusing characters. I loved Dylan’s insecurities about their relationship and what they were to each other. It was fun to see her melt with Reese’s advances. Reese was so freaking hot! I loved his cocky and protective demeanor. I swooned when he brought out his neanderthal ways with Dylan.

Another exciting thing about Sweet Addiction was its side characters. All of them were amazing and brought so much to the story. I especially loved Dylan’s friend Joey. He was hilarious. I want him to be my BFF, too! (And I really want a book about him, J. Daniels!!!)

Sweet Addiction is the perfect book to read if you’re looking for an upbeat, sultry read. Contemporary romance fans will love it. I did, so much so that I’m continuing my J. Daniels binge and jumping into the next book in the series.

Recap: ’16 Debut Author Challenge


Hi, everyone!

Back in January, I signed up for the ’16 Début Author Challenge hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. I pledged to read 12 books from début authors. I can finally say I’ve completed my challenge! Here are the links to the 12 books I read by début authors.

Reading a bunch of début novels wasn’t the only cool thing about the Début Author Challenge, though. Each month there’s a giveaway for the participants. I won the January giveaway and all of this cool bookish swag! (Thanks, Jana!)

2016-08-22 14.47.44

WWW Wednesday: December 28, 2016

Welcome to WWW Wednesday! This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at Should be Reading but is now hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

The Three W’s are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

So here we go…

Currently reading:


So Harry hasn’t gotten much love in the last couple of weeks. We’ve just been super busy and nighttime reading hasn’t been in the cards. Soon, though, soon we’ll finish.

Currently, I’m reading a NetGalley ARC of Falling for the PlayerSomehow my NetGalley shelf has gotten a little out of control, so I need to get back to reading those books.

Recently finished:


This past week was full of fun reads:

Sweet Possession (Sweet Addiction, #2)
Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction, #3)
Every Exquisite Thing
Full Package

Click on the book titles to read the reviews that I have already posted.

Reading Next:


Up next, I’m reading Corrupt Me (Philly Corruption, #1).

Review: The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend by Alyssa Rose Ivy

22832924The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend
Series: Hazards, #4
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Publication Date: March 26, 2015
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆


Warning: Sleeping with a friend might change your life forever.

Sleeping with Kyle was never in the plans. Pretending to be his girlfriend was one thing, but letting our relationship become anything but platonic was another. The problem with mixing friendship with sex is that inevitably feelings get involved, and when that happens there’s no turning back.

When Kyle’s life fell apart around him, I needed to help, but doing that meant opening myself up to the most terrifying thing in the world—falling in love.

I hate saying it, but, after reading all of the Hazards books, The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend is my least favorite in the series. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good book. It was. There were just some choices the author made that I didn’t agree with.

In The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend, we finally get Kyle’s story. We’ve seen him have a lot of ups and downs in the women department over the series, so it’s fun for him to finally meet his match in Jade. They are friends from their radio station jobs, but things start to get complicated and sensual between them when Jade pretends to be Kyle’s girlfriend.

I adored the first half of this book. Kyle and Jade’s fake relationship was cute. The way they end up together is so much fun. They learned a lot about each other — both in and out of bed. I loved the connection they had.

Where the story started to lose me was after their pretend time was over. The story took a drastic turn, and it went from being cute and happy to pretty dang depressing. The tone was so different, it was almost like two different stories in one book. I didn’t like the scenario or how it played out. I get there had to be a conflict in the story. I just wish it hadn’t been that.

Overall, The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend was a good book. It just wasn’t as good as the rest of the series. If you’re a fan of the Hazards series, you’ll want to read it because you’ll want to see Kyle get his happily ever after.