The Happiness Tag

I was tagged by The Orang-utan Librarian for The Happiness Tag. (Thank you!) I’m super excited to do this tag. It looks like so much fun. 🙂

List five seven things that make you happy:

1)Best friends.

I’m always happy when I get the chance to hang out with my best friends Melissa and Jaime. I always laugh so hard at our shared memories and the new ones we create. We don’t get to hang out much, but when we do it’s always hilarious.

2) My family.

I love my husband. He gets me. (Well, he doesn’t get the whole reading obsession, but I’ll let that slide. I don’t quite get the snowbiking one.) And my daughter is an amazing little girl. I can’t believe that a person that cool came from me.

3) Books — especially romances.

Can’t leave that one out right?

4) Music

Good music always makes me happy. It can be new or old. As long as it’s something to groove to, I’m happy.

5) Pitch Perfect 1 & 2.

What can I say? They make me laugh.

6) Dancing with friends!

I was reminded this past weekend how much I love to do this when I was at a wedding reception. 🙂

7) The Gym

I love going to aerobics classes (Zumba, Step) and lifting weights. They give me such a natural high. I even love running, although my body doesn’t like it so much anymore.

List five ten songs that make you happy:

I could go on and on and on with this one!

1)ODB ft. Kelis – Baby, I Got Your Money

I’m really into this “old school” song right now. I even quoted it in my friends’ wedding picture guest book this weekend. No Joke. So this isn’t the best video of this song, but I didn’t want to put the explicit version on my blog.

2) Thomas Rhett – T-Shirt

This just makes me smile. It’s so cute, but sexy at the same time.

3) Madonna – Get Into the Groove

This ALWAYS makes me want to dance! It reminds me of being 18 and dancing with my best friends.

4) Tiësto, Oliver Heldens ft. Natalie La Rose – The Right Song

Another one that makes me want to dance!

5)Chris Young, Cassadee Pope – Think of You

I just love it!

6) The Cars  – Just What I Needed

I can’t even explain how happy this song makes me feel. I used to listen to it on repeat at my friend Casey’s house back in the day. I’m sure I ruined this song for him. Lol.

7) Trey Songz – Na Na

This song is so seductive! Seriously! This Fugees infused song is just awesome.

8) Jeremih – Don’t Tell ‘Em

How can this song not make you smile? We love the “don’t tell ’em” part. Plus, a shout out to Rhythm Is A Dancer.

9) The Luniz – I Got 5 On It

So these days $5 wouldn’t cut it, but I’m not worried about that anyways. This song brings back SO many memories for me. My BFF and I listened to it a bunch on this road trip to Canada one time back in the 90’s.

10) Ginuwine – Pony

This is a dirty song. Really dirty, but when it came out we were all in love with the beat. It was probably the most danced to song at the wedding I went to this weekend.

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