Day 3: 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge (Round 3)

Thank you to Jane @ Greenish Bookshelf for tagging me for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. If you would like to read her quotes, check out her post here.

So, it’s my final day and my final quote to share. I hope you’ve been enjoying them!

The Rules:

*Thank the person who nominated you.

*Post a quote for three consecutive days.

*Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Quote #3:

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue dreams and goals. Just don’t forsake the present for the unknowns of the future. A lot of happiness is bypassed, overlooked, postponed to a time years from now that may never come. Don’t bide your time and miss out on this moment for a tomorrow with no guarantee.”
― Kim Holden, Bright Side

This one really rings true as I get older. Each day counts. Yes, I could be smarter, skinnier, happier, etc, etc next year, but what if I don’t make it to next year? Today’s memories will be important.

I know this tag has been going around a while, so I’m going to tag some newer to me bloggers and hope they haven’t done it yet or want to do it again. 😉

I tag:

AC @ Books and a Cup of Coffee

Caitlin @ Weezled

Claire @ Cup of Books



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