Inside Out Book Tag

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I was tagged for the Inside Out book tag by Lois @ My Midnight Musing. Thanks, Lois! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but my daughter loved it.

A book that brings you joy.


Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey had me laughing so many times. I loved it!

A book that brings you sadness.


When it Rains by Lisa De Jong was the last book I bawled reading.

A book that brings you fear.


I have to admit that I fear a mosquito born plague like the on in Ann Brashares’ The Here and Now. I can totally see how it could happen. Scary stuff.

A book that brings you anger.


The ending of Tim Tharp’s The Spectacular Now frustrated me so much. There was a little bit of anger mixed in with the frustration.

A book that brings you disgust.


I probably should have picked A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer for my anger choice. I was disgusted by Dave’s mother in this memoir. It was painful to read.

I feel like this tag should have ended on a happier note. Oh well.

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Review: The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord

224293501Title: The Start of Me and You

Author: Emery Lord

Publication Date: March 31, 2015

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance

Goodreads Synopsis:

Brimming with heartfelt relationships and authentic high-school dynamics The Start of Me and You proves that it’s never too late for second chances.

It’s been a year since it happened—when Paige Hancock’s first boyfriend died in an accident. After shutting out the world for two years, Paige is finally ready for a second chance at high school . . . and she has a plan. First: Get her old crush, Ryan Chase, to date her—the perfect way to convince everyone she’s back to normal. Next: Join a club—simple, it’s high school after all. But when Ryan’s sweet, nerdy cousin, Max, moves to town and recruits Paige for the Quiz Bowl team (of all things!) her perfect plan is thrown for a serious loop. Will Paige be able to face her fears and finally open herself up to the life she was meant to live?

5 / 5 Stars

I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but The Start of Me and You  is the start of me and my love for Emery Lord’s books. Wow. Her writing is beautiful.

The title The Start of Me and You would lead one to believe this book is a romance. It is so much more than just a romance. It is a story of friendship and helping each other through the tough times in life. The romance most definitely played second string to the friendships in this book. Those tight friendships made the romance even sweeter.

I’m honestly kind of at a loss for words with this book. I feel like I can’t do it justice with this review. If you’re a YA contemporary romance lover, you should definitely read this book. It’s now one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read more of Emery Lord’s books.